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You CAN stand the heat

Interior space is so precious when designing what sits within it. Eskimo design and make radiators as pieces of interior product design. So radiators no longer have to be ugly, they can blend, they can pop, be quiet or loud – but always, beautiful. However even if you have a very large scheme to play with, you may still struggle to find an aesthetically pleasing arrangement with regards to your wall space and where to hang your radiators. Often, vastly glazed contemporary architecture will inhibit wall hanging radiator options. As does grade 2 listed buildings, unique builds, unusual pipework, or simply the use of the walls for artwork or storage design. Well, a radiator’s job is to enrich an interior, despite this wonderful spectrum of architectural differences. Therefore it’s our job to give you what you need and more and more, design savvy folk, are looking for floor mounted alternatives.
There are now a lot of floor mounted radiator options out there but Eskimo have been doing this for a while. Leggy RON for example, born of wall mounted RON. Beautifully designed modular feet on strong, elliptical legs. With just about any colour or stunning metal finish that you desire. With Eskimo’s Leggy RON the legs are robust, yet elegant, and well considered from ‘top to toe’. Watch out for ill fitting feet or weak structures out there. Legs and feet are not ‘add ons’ they are a crucial design element and, importantly, as with any piece of leggy furniture, should never dilute a well designed form. We understand how much of a challenge that can be but as we always say at Eskimo “challenges are doorways to invention”. Keep an eye out for our new Column radiator’s fancy feet, coming soon. A very different pair of shoes. The Vivienne Westwood of radiator feet if you will.

Column radiators are incredibly popular in a lot of homes, hotels, bars, all sorts of spaces. With good reason. First of all, there is the nod to the vintage Victorian or retro styling cues. The construction of column lengths, induces a touch of nostalgia, whilst consistently being a huge current and ongoing trend, crossing the boundary between contemporary and classic. Without most of us realising the Egyptians used to line up rows and rows of enormous columns, not just one or two within a structure. Eskimo adore how column radiators seem to mirror this somehow, with their perfectly repetitive individual columns, lining up to create one grand and impactful structure. With our Leggy RON for example, this particular column radiator is a modular aluminium high output product, allowing you to add as many sections as you need from 1 to 50. Satisfyingly available in a range of six standard heights. Fit long, low 200mm high versions underneath windows or shelving; or fit space saving 1.8 m tall and narrow column radiator versions.

Regardless of whether you select our Leggy RONs or RON which have styling cues that include 1950s aircraft technology and old ‘schoolhouse’ radiators. Or Column, with it’s contemporary, lean, ‘pipe’ design for a utilitarian feel. You can have great looking floor mounted radiators. But, with functional heating products, it can’t just all be about looks. Each column radiator from Eskimo is perfect for large, high ceilinged spaces that need a lot of heat. That’s because they are made of aluminium, with well designed ‘chimneys’ pumping heat in to your room perfectly. Aluminium is a re-usable material too. So the whole column radiator, including its legs and feet, can stand proudly in the knowledge that it’s 100%  recyclable.

You CAN stand the heat, so get out of the fiction. Radiators can be present in beautiful, wall meagre spaces.


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