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Who are eskimo products?

We are beautiful radiators and towel rails, created by a bunch of designers and engineers. Small but perfectly formed, the old saying ‘quality, not quantity’ is relevant with us and, because we have a very experienced team, from phone call, to website, to manufacturing and throughout the entire eskimo journey, you will receive the best. A small Company doesn’t necessarily equate to small customers. Eskimo products being in the likes of the Scottish Parliament, Palace of Versailles, Barbican, Business Design Centre and Grandez Alpes Hotel & Spa, to name just a few. As with most designers, we care about clean lines, meticulous attention to detail and total practicality. However, being product designers in the saturated world of radiators, our passions extend far beyond. We really are doing all of this for a reason. It all started when founder and lead designer, Phil Ward, was working on a listed property site, painting old radiators. Trying to get them the same colour as the walls so that you couldn’t see them, horrible ugly things. It just occurred to him that someone should design radiators that you didn’t want to hide. Obviously there’s absolutely no reason why this wasn’t possible, from a design perspective, but you should also be able to make something completely functional as well as give beautiful options. Armed with this brief, eskimo began and is still vehemently dedicated to saving the world from the ugly and impractical saboteurs of interior design – bad radiators. There are some perfectly decent radiators and towel rails out there but, equally, there are also a lot of awful options. Importantly, some don’t really work very well when it comes to their fundamental function. The Company’s ethos remains – inspiring designs with technical reliability and intelligence.

Eskimo was born and bred, in London, in the Spring of 2001. We’ve been around for a bit. After spending over a year designing, developing and testing our first product line, the Outline radiator range was proudly launched at 100% Design 2002. The flat fronted stainless and coloured radiators quickly became the favourite of architects and interior designers worldwide. Outline’s name makes a lot of sense due to the clean lines and geometric shapes. A form which remains no matter wether they are electric or water models. That’s because eskimo were the gang who designed the Hinge & Bracket hidden valve mechanism. In white, Outline is an obvious solution for contemporary spaces. A quiet presence and clean lines, the ultimate blend for architects. What isn’t so obvious is the spectrum of stunning finishes that Outline radiators have to offer. From Supermirror to Gong. Scandi Bamboo to Cliff, the choice is satisfyingly difficult. These, just a few examples of the finishes, answer all of your radiator conundrums because Outline can either blend to the point of not noticing that you have radiators. Or present a powerful monolithic feature piece. We also have an Outline that is a spectacular piece of heated wall art, using beautiful hand formed skills. It’s called Pop check it out.

2003 saw the development of the Towelclip. This cheeky, stationery inspired form garnered rave reviews in the style press and for many typified the early Eskimo approach – a leap away from the constraints of traditional radiator design while being both practical and beautiful. I guess you could say that we’ve got a little older and more serious but we haven’t lost our sense of humour. We’ve called our electric vertical towel rail Gordon – flash drying towel warmer, and, as well as flash drying your towels in a third of the time, Gordon challenges the thousands of standard ladder rails out there. In both orientation and energy efficiency. Not unlike Towelclip, Gordon looks completely different to any other towel rail out there. Additionally, as with Towelclip – being a design based around a favourite object of us humans. Gordon is based on the observations of how we have a more natural preference to hang, than lace, towels through bars. Our market research told us that people intuitively worked round the deficiencies of the ladder rail design and turned it into something that was more effective by using it in a different way than intended. Hanging towels vertically off of the ends.

Perhaps the definitive radiator design of its era back in 2004, the RON range was designed by Phil. A series of sleek ellipsoid aluminium extruded sections that convect heat beautifully; something of a classic, if we can say so ourselves? It’s styling cues include 1950s aircraft technology and the traditional schoolhouse radiator. RON’s design aesthetics are still fresh today, 14 years later, and the evolution of our finishes have lead to some incredible styles, by some of our ‘eskimo experts’ to include the likes of Shipyard, Copper Pipe and Antique. You don’t have to have legs by the way, but Leggy RON is an option for schemes without a lot of wall space.

Let’s get dirty for a moment and mention money. Our hand patinated copper finishes of course denote a higher price tag. However, even the ‘high end’ finishes are not as expensive as you might expect when you compare the heat outputs with other underperforming radiators. In other words, you may only need to buy one stunning eskimo radiator to meet your heat loss calculation. It’s also worth noting that we have a range of radiators and towel rails in our eskimolow collection – designer products at low cost. So with retail prices that start at £216 and a column radiator that gives you 1.5kw for £270. We are most definitely not “too expensive”.

The core team behind all of this are Phil Ward, Louisa Jenkins, Sam Busher and Simon Bliss. Then our larger family; the manufacturing team and ‘eskimo experts’, whose inherited skills blow us away. Great design, technical innovation, robust engineering is at the heart of what we do. Avoiding grandiloquent product names or unmemorable codes, we aim for our brand tonality to relate to absolutely every one of our customers’ sense of humour and to remain ‘down to earth’, always focussed on product design excellence. We celebrate the personalities and talents within our team because our design process is ultimately so much more successful when we have an approach that spans from ‘nothing is impossible’, ‘why not’? To ‘risk averse technical research and data collection’, amongst our decision makers. Each of us are genuinely passionate about what we do. Granted, we may not be the ‘coolest’ at parties salivating over extrusions, manifolds and home automation. But when you need beautiful radiators, whether on a tiny or more flexible budget, we are the people to talk to and we’ll helpfully solve your heating needs, from both a technical and aesthetic perspective. Our supercilious, yet genuine aspiration, of designing and making the World’s best radiators & towel warmers, is our daily aim. So once you get to know us and experience our products you can answer, “eskimo are a trusted brand for beautiful radiators and towel rails”.


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