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What’s with the name?

Eskimo Design / What’s with the name?


So why are we called Eskimo? It’s a slightly convoluted tale of family, music, second chances, and the brilliance of a name. The turn of the 21st century was a great time for music. It was also a great time for radiators. Back then the founder of Eskimo, Phil Ward, was involved in both, simultaneously DJ’ing, running a record label and running the family engineering business whilst the concept of making radiators that also looked good was just a twinkle in his youthful eyes.

Around that time Phil’s brother Mike had just ended his association with his music management company after their headline act – Esqimeau, flushed with the early success of a single decent record, had rested on their meager laurels, neglecting to write any further music, so consigning them to the capacious dustbin of musical history. As Phil’s radiator design business took off he was hunting for a name with abstract associations to hot and cold, but most importantly, to graphical eyes at least, a name that looked good in print. A logotype with an alluring typographical form and a brand name that rolled off of the tongue. Subsequently, Eskimo was kindly passed on through the Ward family, proving once and for all that every name deserves a second chance.

We then needed an explanatory companion in the form of a strapline. Immediately describing what we do whilst reflecting our Company tonality. LOVE MAKING HEAT has a dual message that is still adored today. Eskimo really DO love making heat, that’s what we do from the design of our heating products of course. Additionally, our heat outputs are so joyously high, that one can happily become naked in the name of love.

In 2002, in their New Year’s round-up of the previous year – the Guardian described Eskimo’s arrival as “the year radiators finally became cool” – never has a truer word been spoken.