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What’s App?

What’s App? Feeling like you have too many passwords, codes, timers and pins associated with your home? Yeah me too. There’s a solution though and it’s home automation. Eskimo take time to find the right people, innovators are very important to us and technology is transformational. There is always a better way and what we’ve discovered is that most other home automated systems have a little something missing. Delta Dore’s TYDOM system doesn’t. Home automation is nothing new but what is new is that it’s finally working FOR you with these guys. With the TYDOM application you control your connected home simply and effectively. No pesky subscriptions, no annoying updates, no troublesome wifi (it uses RF, radio frequency). Just straight forward, good looking controllability.
As advocates of the form and functionality love affair, we have paired (get it?) our beautiful electric Outline radiators, with the TYDOM solution and its smart looking controls. The best of modern technology to make our good looking electric radiators even smarter.
So it’s a cold Winter’s evening and you’re on your train commute home, you’ve forgotten to set your heating. No problem. Get off of facebook, pop open the TYDOM app and it’s time to control your home ready for your arrival. The TYDOM 1.0 gateway is at home and waiting for your instruction through the app. The little ‘hub’ then speaks to any of your Delta Dore TYDOM products throughout your home; lights, alarm, garage doors and in this case your radiators, via the TYBOX 5101X3D, (one per heating zone). TYBOX talks to the radiators via their receivers and you’re greeted with the warm arrival that you deserve.

You can control a house, a second home or an office, locally or remotely, from a Smartphone or tablet by downloading a free APP. The application can be personalised with a library of icons or with actual photos of the rooms. It’s so intuitively designed which makes your installation just so much more straight forward. We like the clear and easily accessible settings and built in tutorials for more rapid installation. Couple that with monitoring consumption, nice clean, simplistic design of the controls and exceptional product reliability, it’s a bit of a ‘no brainer’ for us. Easy to fit, easy to use, smooth and rapid navigation. One TYDOM application managing several locations. Quality support too. Yep, that’ll do it.

Beautiful, powerful, Eskimo electric radiators. Leading electric control technology. What a way to improve comfort, be energy saving and well, frankly multi-task like a hero.

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