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Veridical veneers

The ancient craft of veneering dates from time before the Pharaohs. It is not, as some people mistakenly imagine, a cheap way to gloss over poor workmanship or materials. Many fine examples of veneered work have endured hundreds and some even thousands of years. Who knew. Ye olde late 1600’s /early 1700’s cabinet makers employed methods of construction to ensure longevity through stable and well-balanced substrate and frame construction; and glued more valuable, more beautiful, and rarer woods on to them. Veneering is the defining part of traditional cabinet making craft that separates cabinet making from joinery. It is also that which allows the embellishment of furniture far beyond the limited scope of solid wood alone.

Genuinely, Ken Armstrong and Hillside not only enhance our ‘Eskimo experts’ teams. With a company that helps us to bring warmth to people’s interior vision, he is also one of the warmest personalities that we have the pleasure to work with. With a complete ‘can-do’ attitude. And a desire to deliver the best veneers to our Outline radiator range. Whether warm woods, cool stones or contemporary concrete.




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