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Tydom – Controlling your electric radiators & beyond

When it comes to controllability, Eskimo have teamed with Delta Dore and their Tydom Delta Dore Thermostat. A company of incredible innovators. And who we have collaborated with, with regards to controlling our electric radiators.

It’s worth noting that all electric radiators must incorporate a system providing controllability. This is under the Lot 20 Ecodesign compliancy. Any electric radiators that don’t have this capability would contravene the directive.

You won’t have this problem with Eskimo Outline electric radiators. We integrate receivers that are ready to ‘pair and go’ on delivery.

And the TYDOM system we offer is a new generation of Home Automation solution, to ‘cherry pick’ controls that meet your particular needs. Affordable and simplistic, with no hidden updates or expensive add ons. TYDOM delta dore thermostat enables you to control your heating, lighting, music. In fact any controllable products, or remotely, from a Smartphone or tablet. TYDOM makes life easier, more comfortable and secure. You can even make energy savings too.

What we love is that the system uses radio frequency (RF) rather than wifi, which, as you know, can be problematic. In a ‘nutshell’ WIFI vs X3D, secure Radio Frequency by Delta Dore – Stronger, better scalability, exceptionally stable & more secure. In conjunction with a lower frequency to help everything from battery health to your own personal health.

Without subscription, each TYDOM solution can include a gateway and an application to control the connected devices. Depending on what you need for your spaces. The application can with a library of icons or with photos of your rooms. Take a look at the flow chart below which will help you to decide what you need.

Sizes & Price Lists

Just click on the image below for a nice big version.

Technical support +44 (0)207 660 2919 / technical.info@deltadore.com
tydom gatewayTYDOM 1.0 gateway


• Coupled with downloading the free APP, the TYDOM 10 gateway allows a smartphone or tablet to locally or remotely control items around your home, including heating, roller shutters, lighting, alarms, etc.
• The application can be personalised with a library of icons or with actual photos of the rooms
• A range of possibilities:
– Adjust house temperature (with 32 heat sensors divided over 8 areas)
– Centralised lighting control, creating lighting moods (32 sensors)
– Control position of roller shutters and blackout blinds (32 channels)
– Control and view the status of your Tyxal+ alarm – Control numerous automatic processes (gate, garage door, motors, sprinklers…) (32 channels)
– Create up to 16 scenarios to simplify daily activities (e.g. Leaving the house: all lights turn off, shutters close and alarm is activated)
• Detailed daily consumption display (heating, hot and cold water, gas, electricity) and history log per day/week/month/year
• Reports for main control settings (house temperature, alarm active, etc.)
• Multi-site management: up to 10 domestic gateways managed remotely


• Intuitive management with inclusion of room photo mode
• Solution that evolves with the connected Delta Dore ecosystem
• Free secure application with no fees
• Simple to install: IP channel to connect directly to the internet box
• Wifi communication with all compatible Delta Dore products (TYBOX, CALYBOX, TYXIA, TYXAL)



• Contents of the pack:
-1 TYDOM 1.0 box
-1 power lead
-1 RJ45 cable to connect to the internet box
• 230 V feed
• Controller:
-32 lighting and dimming channels
-16 scenario channels
-32 channels for motorised roller shutters and blackout blinds
-32 channels for automatic devices
-32 heating sensors
• Radio frequency: 868 MHz
• Radio range: up to 300 metres of open space
• 14 languages available
• Dimensions: H 90 x L 162 x D 48 mm
• Application can be downloaded for Android 2.3.3 and IOS 5.1 and later versions

Installation instructions



You will need x1 TYBOX 510X3D per heating zone. And this product is a simple thermostatic control, without a timer.


• PWM controller
• Room temperature display
• Room sensor
• Compatible with Solar Optimisation
• Compatible for


• Feedback for remote display of the ambient temperature inside the home
• Small size for discreet installation
• Quick and easy to install with its wireless technology
• Temperature sensor calibration
• Possible locking of setting ranges


• Radio frequency 868 MH z
• Radio range 100 to 300 metres
• Dimensions: H 80 x L 84 x D21 mm
• Power supply 2 LR 03 batteries included
• Room setting between 10 and 30°C in thermostat mode

Installation guidelines



TYBOX 157X2D programmable thermostat

You will need x1 TYBOX 157X2D per heating zone. And this product enables you to programme in and control what time your heating comes on and off.


Intelligence Range
• Choice from 2 adjustable temperatures from 5 to 30°C: Comfort, Reduced
• Daily or weekly programming, which can be customised using a switch
• Quick selection of operating modes using the selector dial:
– On/Off/Auto
– Holiday program with built-in calendar
• Reminder of the annual maintenance service
• Automatic time change: summer/winter
• Calibration of the temperature sensor
• Hourly display of the boiler operating time (excluding DHW)


• Elegant design with large backlit screen
• Prevents handling errors thanks to the programs and settings lock function
• Maximises savings thanks to the accuracy of the programming, to the nearest ¼ hour, ½ hour or hour


• Power supply of the room unit: 2 LR03 batteries (supplied)
• Control range from 5° to 30°C
• Regulation base time can be set from 15 minutes to 1 hour

Installation instructions

CLICK HERE for a simplified pairing procedure for the receivers and their controls.

CLICK HERE for Gateway 1.0 instructions.

CLICK HERE for resetting the TYDOM, 157X2D Thermostat and Receivers.

CLICK HERE for our short article on Delta Dore’s TYDOM home automated system that we highly recommend for all of our electric Outline radiators.

If you are buying for your own home, please go to our where to buy page where all of our very helpful retailers are listed. Contact them direct and they will look after you.

If you are trade, then please go to our trade page where you will find a bounty of useful, immediate information. And do contact us direct on sales@eskimodesign.co.uk for contract quotations. Or give us a call on +44 (0)207 117 0110.

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