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Eskimo Design / Posts tagged "Innovation"

Eskimo and Eco Heating Options

The world seems to be finally waking up to the fact it needs to take much better care of the planet and to use its precious resources with greater respect. And whilst it is imperative to get a shift on and make the world's big polluters act and accept corporate accountability, there are many things that we can all do now to become more environmentally conscious as individuals. The Top 10 Green Tips: Energy Conservation and Investing in Eco-Technology equals energy...

Eskimo LUX 2021

Make no mistake, 2020 was a tough year wherever you were located around the globe. With folks staying home like never before, the urge to makes your personal space as welcoming and cosy as possible, by installing some seriously stylish products went up a few notches. As a result, Eskimo Products saw a big increase in demand for our most lusted after designs. This luxury trend is looking set to continue well into this year and beyond. So, welcome to...

Eskimo Product Launch – DAVID

 You’ll be swiping right with David – the gorgeous MARBLE PORCELAIN RADIATOR, with matching accessories, you can design yourself!  Eskimo Products has been musing about marble for some time now and we are delighted to launch ‘David’ the super stylish radiator/towel rail you’ll want hanging out in your bathroom. DAVID is a collection of exquisite marble porcelain radiators from Eskimo, artfully encased with a metal frame and two perfectly placed towel rails, that will have your essential bathroom checklist ticked off! Inspired by...