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The RON: Classic Eskimo Design

When you think Eskimo, you envision sleek, innovative design and the exceptional quality for which we are known, and nowhere does this premium signature style stand out the most than with the exquisite RON range.

RON is Classic Eskimo!

As the first column radiator designed by Phil Ward, for Eskimo in 2004 the elliptically molded RON has established itself as one of our all-time top sellers, that will never go out of style. Its quiet confidence beautifully blurs the boundaries of both timeless period and chic modern design. Its ability to transcend trends lies in its ability to evoke memories both of the old school house radiator and the sleek 1950’s aircraft (which you’ll certainly notice with our Polished RON) and airstream, the golden age of modern design.

Ward was one of the first to consider adding a pioneering further element to the design process of a radiator and thereby elevating the result to a whole other level. Usually when designing this type of product, traditionally you must think only of form versus function, but Ward added a third component, by considering the thermal performance of the design. This was highly advanced for the time, to have mechanical function Vs thermal performance Vs aesthetic as part of the design and it was a game changer. RON has gone on to spawn a whole generation of new products into the market.

The Range – Eskimo’s RON and Leggy RON are beautifully engineered column radiators, that come in wall mounted and floor mounted styles.

As a classic modular aluminum high output radiator: RON allows you to have as many sections as you need from 1 to 50 and is available in a highly adaptable range of six standard heights. Meaning you can choose between vertical wall mounted and long low floor mounted radiators, that nestle under window frames and shelving.

Available in a stunning palette of core colours. Special sublimation print finishes; Antique, Copper Pipe and Shipyard. Joyous industrial Polished, soft silvery matt aluminum or decedent anodised Gold. There is plenty of scope to tailor your RON radiator perfectly to the style of your home. Or, you may wish to take advantage of our colour match service and choose any RAL colour, allowing your radiator to blend in with your scheme or, to contrast the tone to act as the room’s accent.

It is this very versatility that has established RON as a firm favourite of interior designers everywhere. Whatever look you want, RON will deliver on style, quality, and thermal output.

So, what does the future hold for this icon of British design? Well, the future is looking very cosy indeed, with Eskimo bringing all manufacturing to the UK with our very own factory, based in the British heartland of manufacturing, Birmingham. Eskimo now has complete control and the production team is chomping at the bit at the opportunity to explore new techniques and develop new processes, ensuring an overabundance of possible new finishes for RON, taking this classic radiator into the next generation.



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