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Eskimo Design / Architectural  / Supermirror – small spaces need mirror faces

Supermirror – small spaces need mirror faces

There are all sorts of tricks you can use to make your home feel brighter, lighter and more spacious, but application of reflective surfaces is one of the easiest ways. Eskimo’s Outline SUPERMIRROR radiator range offers you the space saving and light giving option of a radiator which is also a mirror*. Whether electric or central heating, nothing need indicate that this monolithic reflective beauty is a radiator. With our Hinge & bracket option, you can hide all the valves and ‘gubbins’.

Smart interior designers have used ‘perception of space’ for decades, making schemes appear more spacious, with visual tricks to alter how you view your surroundings. The human need for a sense of space can be unrequited in an urban environment. So we simulate with what we have. Placing a large mirror within a small space opens the room and improves the light as we know. The psychological effect on your subconscious that these sort of interior design tools have, is surprisingly satisfying. Something that Eskimo is always mindful of. After all, we are not just a supplier of heating. We design robustly functional products that are also good looking. So in our case, we need to make sure that you’re getting one product that works very well in two ways.  Outline Supermirror radiators enable you control the temperature, let the light in and look at yourself.** Reflective radiators are not only fun, practical, beautiful, they offer a touch of luxury too. Supermirror radiators offer an exquisite, easily maintained finish. It’s a high performance radiator with a stunning, super highly polished stainless steel front fascia. You just need to buff it like any other mirror. Most of our clients love the vertical, shallow models because they are so space saving and at 1800mm H x 430mm W, similar to a standard full length mirror. There are so many other orientations and sizes available though and, with water models, you can choose any size to the nearest mm because eskimo radiators are bespoke at no extra cost.

Delight in the light, Eskimo give you the option of a clean lined, powerful radiator and mirror, in one beautifully shiny, space saving piece.

*This is not glass mirror. It won’t therefore compete with a glass mirror for absolute perfection because this is highly polished stainless steel. There may be some minor distortion in the panel, particularly around the edges. But assuming that you’re perfect to start with, we bet you could do with a couple of extra curves.
**Eskimo mirror simply reflects what looks at it, beauty cannot be created where no beauty is present. Eskimo will not accept liability for ugliness of user.

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