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Ottinetti Radiator Valves

The perfect accompaniment. The perfect partnership.

After scouring the planet for the perfect radiator valves to match Eskimo’s aesthetic and quality standards, Ottinetti shone out as the best valves available anywhere.

Ottinetti provide options for both thermostatic and manual valves, available in a multitude of finishes. Valves that don’t let their radiators down in visual appeal or performance.

Phil Ward, Managing Director of Eskimo states: “If you’re going to have an Eskimo, you want to be sure that the valves that are fitted with it will match the quality of the radiator itself – Eskimo’s partnership with Ottinetti will ensure that. We needed to be certain that we chose a partner whose values mirrored our own. Ottinetti is a family run business where the owners take huge pride in their product and understand the importance of attention to design and finish details.”

Thermostatic and manual sets.

Metal finishes

Antique brass
Antique copper
Brushed nickel




Corner left
Corner right

Price List
How to choose your valves

Both manual valves sets and thermostatic TRV valves sets are available.
Outline radiators – standard bottom end connections. If your pipes come from the floor then you will need a set of straight valves. If your pipes come from the wall, then you will need a set of angled valves.
RON wall mounted radiators – you will need a set of angled valves.
Leggy RON floor mounted radiators – you will need a set of corner valves and will need to specify left or right hand flow. To do this, if you were looking at the radiator, whichever side the water flows in from first.

There are two styles of thermostatic TRV head for the radiator valve sets. Series B is our favorite – the style you can see in the large polished TRV head, above.
But Series D is often preferred by some of our customers too, for a more curvy aesthetic. It also has the * frost protection (8° degree).

Have a chat with us, or your retailer, if undecided.

If you are buying for your own home, please go to our where to buy page where all of our very helpful retailers are listed. Contact them direct and they will look after you.

If you are trade, then please go to our trade page where you will find a bounty of useful, immediate information. And do contact us direct on sales@eskimodesign.co.uk for contract quotations. Or give us a call on +44 (0)207 117 0110.

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