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Prepossessing patination

The art of patination is a bewitching performance that presents extraordinary skill, only years of experience and an abundance of creativity can present. The surface finishes of Eskimo’s Outline GONG radiators are a result of this beautiful art and offers you four stunning, unique brass or copper patina finishes, created by one of our ‘Eskimo expert’ teams.

In the search for the best, we found Capisco who are incredible at what they do. They specialise in the patination of copper alloys, bronze, brass and copper itself and the results are a thing of beauty. Their core business serves the work of visionary architects and designers all over the world and there are no dimension restrictions as they apply everything by hand. Sheet, pressed panels, extruded sections and sculpture. These rare skills are set in London’s East End, a true Best Of British Company. What a find.

Andy Elton and son in law Ali head up a phenomenal team, who just absolutely love what they do. Just one of the reasons that Capisco caught Eskimo’s eye. Along with their precision and qualified understanding of how to work with metals. Unknowingly, Capisco’s conception perhaps began in the late 60s when Andy trained in fine art and sculpture at Central School of Art. After training in fine art and sculpture, Andy Elton went on to work in Italy as a sculptor and throughout the early 70’s honed his skills in the patination of finished bronzes at the famous foundries of Tomasi & Belifiouri, Pietrasanta in Tuscany. In 1976, Andy returned to the UK to form A&A Sculpture Casting, the famous fine art foundry, which he ran for over 17 years with Henry Abercrombie. Andy and his team know what they are doing and the talents within are not occupational, they are vocational.

Eskimo’s range of GONG patinas are applied by hand by these highly skilled patinators and metalworkers, using a variety of hot or cold methods with their unique chemical formulas depending on the desired finish. It’s a spectacular process to watch and the depth of movement and pattern created by this theatrical and skilful work is exactly what we were looking for when to meet our vision of our GONG radiators. These beautiful radiator finishes are considered abstract pieces of art because, of course, you cannot completely control what happens during this process and how the pure metal reacts to their treatment. So GONG radiators are not for the control freaks out there. But if you are searching for surprising, unique and alluring, then our ‘Eskimo experts’ Capisco have enabled us to realise our vision of a stunning piece of heated sculpture with meticulous engineering.

We celebrate our simpatico relationship over metals and our duel desire to put beautiful products in to your world. We celebrate our ‘Eskimo experts’ Capisco.



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