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Sublimation for the Nation

The art of sublimation is an enchanting performance that requires a potent combination of surface finish and product understanding, skill and creativity. In order to avoid ‘naff’ outcomes. The selected sublimation surface finishes of Eskimo’s RON and Leggy RON column radiators, are a result of this beautiful art and offers you three stunning, unique options, created by one of our ‘Eskimo expert’ teams.

In the search for the best, we found Dom Such from One LBJ, who is pretty damn amazing at what he does. One LBJ is a family run business with the whole family involved.  We adored the whole lot of them. Sure, their high profile client list was impressive, but what we valued was the level of skill and attention to detail. In particular, the way that Dom completely understood and realised our vision without very much of a creative brief from us. 

One LBJ specialise in a sublimation process, using pressure and heat combined. The decorative ‘patterned artwork’ created and selected for our three RON radiator finishes; Shipyard, Copper Pipe and Antique, are transferred into specially powder coated surfaces that have been completely cured.
A coat of powder is applied to our aluminium modules and semi-baked. Once it has cooled, the custom metal surface transfer is applied and vacuumed to remove air trapped between the powder and the transfer. Lastly, giving Mary Berry a run for her money, a final bake of the combined system is performed to facilitate the perfect decorative coating fuse. Subsequently, dye on the transfer then volatilizes, forming the surface finish. The print is all the way through, because essentially it is a powder coated finish with the image pushed deep into the powder coat itself. Giving great durability and depth of image, so if you were to naughtily scratch your radiator finish, you wouldn’t be left with a white mark that destroyed your piece (and peace) with a tormentingly distracting ‘beacon’.

The sublimation process is not as easy as just taking a photograph or finding an image. The language of the image or pattern then has to transfer on to a curvy form, in our case. So the overall effect had to be designed above and beyond a two dimensional, flat picture or ‘wallpaper book matching’. “Beautiful copper pipes” we said, “ya know, not scrap metal but equally not new shiny pipe, something more opulent than that.” Dom totally realised our vision. With the Antique bronze finish that we wanted to achieve, the light and shade and rich tonality had to be composed as you would an oil painting. Shipyard was a challenge because we wanted to emulate the beauty of some of the ageing boats that you might see in a shipyard. With their stunningly dramatic colour palettes, damage, chipped paint, rust and holes. Disappointingly, Bristol’s shipyards are incredibly clean and ‘healthy’ so we had to get creative, find and re-work this abstract ‘urban chic’ surface image.

Once the images have been created, it’s a mesmerising production process to watch and the clever results enable us to emulate three particularly bespoke metal finishes. If you are searching for ‘cool’, abstract, surprising radiators, then our ‘Eskimo experts’ One LBJ have enabled us to realise our vision. These rare skills are set in Warwickshire, a true Best Of British family run company. What a find.

We celebrate our simpatico relationship over imagery, pattern surface finish and our duel desire to put ‘cool’ products in to your world. We celebrate our ‘Eskimo expert’ Dom Such.

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