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Is it necessary to have a towel rail in your bathroom?


Bathrooms are unique environments with some very specific heat requirements. Usually damp and humid, we are often undressed in there, the bathroom must be the optimum temperature. Design and functionality should work in perfect harmony too, and one of the primary functions within a bathroom is to hang, warm and dry towels. Eskimo believe that it IS necessary to have towel rails in a bathroom. Not only because we want to sell you some, but because there are some obvious benefits to a well designed heated towel rail. Dry, warm towels are pleasing and, frankly, lift us emotionally and spiritually, especially in the early dark, dank Winter UK mornings.

Your first port of call should always be to calculate the heat loss of a space, ensuring your heated product(s) meet that heat loss. Even if you decide to put down some under floor heating, a radiator company’s mortal enemy, yet oh so divine on the feet, it’s worth considering its thermal mass. We live in a changeable UK climate; so we need more control because we don’t have consistent, long periods of hot or cold weather. Oppressive in its dictatorial functionality, having a lack of control with a large expanse of space like a floor means that if you feel too warm, it’ll take around 2hrs to get to the temperature you desire. Probably causing you to open windows and let valuable heat out. By which time, you may want to put it on again.

Having a railed radiator or complimentary towel rail that is lightweight aluminium, takes just a few minutes to cool down or heat up. Couple that with good electric controls, (we use Radio Frequency Tydom), you gain increased efficiency with a home automation system that links to additional stuff like window sensors. Costing you less and adhering to Lot 20 legislation – all electric products must be controllable and energy efficient.

What’s the purpose of a towel rail? Unless you’re one of a dying breed who only ever use a towel once and then wash it immediately (costly both for you and the environment) then you need your rail to also be a towel dryer/warmer. Wet towels hanging about the bathroom are unpleasant.
A good-looking rail. Drying all of your towels in a flash. Using as little energy as possible – That’s the job description.

Gordon – flash drying towel rail, was born of a realisation that the standard towel warmer with horizontal bars didn’t even work as designed. Despite its high-energy consumption the standard ladder towel rail didn’t effectively dry towels overnight. Additional research discovered that people intuitively work round design deficiencies. Hanging their towels vertically, over the ends of their ladder rails. So, when selecting your necessary towel rail, go vertical with Gordon. An electric, vertical hanging towel rail, that flash dries your towels three times faster and can be left on all of the time. Benefits, all over the place.

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