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Outline blackboard radiators

Eskimo Design / Outline blackboard radiators
Outline blackboard radiators
blackboard radiators
blackboard radiator
blackboard radiator style

Outline blackboard radiators

Panel radiators are now everywhere. But there is nothing more pleasing than the simplicity and clean lines of our original Outline. A modular aluminium output radiator with a clean lined front fascia. Outline offer some transformational finishes, one of which is our outline Blackboard radiators. A high performance radiator, powder coated in a perfect matt black. Creating a dual purpose product, a radiator and a blackboard.

You can also choose to have a little oiled oak chalk holder with your Blackboard radiator. It’s magnetic and therefore portable, you can move and position it to wherever you like. They are just £108 + VAT (to fit a 430mm W radiator).

Low water volume and a diverter fitted as standard, means rapid warm up and perfect for low temperature heating systems such as heat pumps. Outline comes in either an electric model. Or a central heating, water/hydronic model, offering bottom end connections as standard. Or specify hidden valve models with our Hinge & Bracket design.

Our outline Blackboard radiator is available in a wide range of sizes and orientation. From full length columns to long and low under window radiators. Bespoke sizes can be created to suit your pipe centres. Two depths, 50mm or 95mm.

Sizes & Price Lists

Our outline Blackboard radiators are available in either electric or water/hydronic central heating models. 50mm or 95mm depths available and standard sizes throughout, with additional bespoke sizes for water models. And hidden valve options available for water models. Including our Hinge & Bracket designs for radiators with 430mm minimum width and height dimensions.

Blackboard can be vertical, horizontal or square.

Hidden valve options available for water models. Including our Hinge & Bracket design for radiators with 430mm minimum width and height dimensions. Just CLICK HERE for a nice big PDF version, telling you all about valves or Hinge & Bracket hidden valves.

4-6 week lead time.

We have carefully selected the perfect very black matt powder with a 5% gloss level.
You can use standard chalkboard chalk sticks or liquid chalk pens on this finish. PLEASE NOTE that, as with any blackboard, ‘ghosting’ of your creative genius may remain visible after wiping. We recommend using a wet cloth to remove the chalk or chalk pen. Just water, do not use any domestic cleaners.

If you are buying for your own home, please go to our where to buy page where all of our very helpful retailers are listed. Contact them direct and they will look after you.

If you are trade, then please go to our trade page where you will find a bounty of useful, immediate information. And do contact us direct on sales@eskimodesign.co.uk for contract quotations. Or give us a call on +44 (0)207 117 0110.

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