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Getting To Know You! Cosy up with Eskimo’s New Manufacturing Manager

Mark Beresford – Eskimo’s Manufacturing Manager

Eskimo’s saucy strapline, ‘love making heat’, is a pretty enticing claim! But our other favourite adage is ‘Designed in Bristol. Made in Birmingham’, a fact that we are incredibly proud of, and it was with the aim of taking full control of our manufacturing, that led Eskimo to launch its very own factory in 2018. Since then, demand for our exquisite radiators & towel rails has exceeded all expectations. It became clear that what we needed for us to continue to grow and meet increasing opportunities, was strong leadership at the helm. So it is with great pleasure that we introduce Mark Beresford, Eskimo’s new Manufacturing Manager.

Mark’s wealth of experience within manufacturing, inclusive of luxury products, was the perfect fit – for our brand and for our team. His focused enthusiasm for Eskimo’s future, along with his ‘can do’ manner – the type where one really can do – has already begun to demonstrate change & improvement. Importantly, Mark leads our hard working manufacturing team, harnessing their drive and ambition.

The Marketing team within Eskimo is very small but can still pack a punch (or pungent) when it comes to being slightly ‘cheesy’ in tone.  As such, we thought it would be a great idea to publish an ‘insightful’ 20 questions (ok, not quite that many!) for all to see.

So, Mark – what excites you about what you do?

Ok, this is going to sound like a cliché, but the truth is I like to make a difference.  When you can work for a company that has all the passion and potential that Eskimo does, then I can offer my experience of working in a broad spectrum of different industries.  The most exciting time is when it all starts to click into place.  Delivery OTIF (On Time In Full) improves, productivity improves, the guys start to understand the ethos of smarter working, and with that the snowball effect.

To see people gaining confidence in the changing processes and wanting to get more and more involved, wanting to confidently offer their input, that is what excites me.

Now that you have been with your new Eskimo family for a couple of months now, what’s your perception of the Eskimo brand?

It is the same now as the reason I agreed to come to Eskimo in the very first instance, the passion and insight that both Phil Ward and Louisa Jenkins have as to what Eskimo was, but more importantly, the vision of what it could become is truly exciting.  The business and individuals are challenged all the time to become better, but at the same time, they honestly care about the people that work for them in a way that is very rarely seen in manufacturing today.

What were your hopes and dreams when you were younger?

I wanted to be a Fire Fighter, I even applied and passed my first stage exam, as it turned out life took me in another direction.  More about that another time 😉.

*Don’t worry Dear Reader, we are determined to find out what Mark means and we will tell all!

What is the one skill/talent that you do not possess, that you would secretly wish to have?

Harry Potters magic wand, I think sometimes anybody who has worked in manufacturing wishes they had one, the ability to make everything ok with the swipe of a wand, but only sometimes or life might get a little bit boring.

Equally, is there a skill/talent that you have that you are quite proud of? If you make the world’s best Battenberg cake, this is the time to tell!

I have always prided myself on my ability to understand and connect with people from all walks of life, These days I think people forget to listen, you can learn a lot if you just be quiet and listen to people.

Name someone you really admire and all-importantly, why.

One of my first Managers back in 2001, was a woman named Maja Hoellrigl who had worked her way up to becoming one of the most driven Manufacturing Directors I have had the privilege of working for. She had a vision of where she wanted the business to be (True World Class) and never once, no matter what problems got in the way stopped her from moving forward and achieving her goal.  I can honestly say the work ethic she taught me in that everything is achievable has set me up to have a long and very successful career in a number of manufacturing industries and is why I now have the passion and drive to deliver at Eskimo.

*This is inspiring stuff Mark!

Sweet or savoury? Enquiring minds want to know.

Sweet…. No! Its definitely savoury…. Ah, maybe sweet. Actually, I just love food 😊

*Oh Mark – you are going to fit in just fine with Team Eskimo’s foodie fanatics!

Bearing in mind that your boss, Phil Ward – MD at Eskimo is the designer of all our products, which is your favourite Eskimo radiator?

For me, it has to be the Outline CLIFF, they are just incredible, and then out of the range SCHISTIAN SLATER is my favourite, the feel and look of real stone in a radiator, WOW!

Who was your favourite band as a teenager and how has your musical taste changed over the years? This can say a lot about a person, so answer carefully!

Oh, this is a tough one to answer!  I’m a big music fan and I love absolutely everything from Nina Simone to The Killers and everything in-between. I also listen to The Weekend and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on occasion, it really all depends on the mood of the moment.

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas. What is the best bit about Christmas for you? Perhaps it’s not Christmas for you without watching a Christmas Carole (the Muppets version is still the best!), or the smell of the tree etc.

Easy. It all starts with the John Lewis Ad, then frustratingly trying to figure what to buy and for whom, going out to pick a Christmas tree, and then trimming the tree down because it’s always too BIG.  Watching my wife, Kasia, decorate the tree with a nice glass of whiskey 😉 and then of course spending time with the family is especially nice as it is the one time of the year we all get to switch off for a few days all at the same time.


And there we have it, a delving insight into the person now at the helm of Eskimo Production – Mark Beresford, Manufacturing Manager supreme. We hope that you can agree that we’ve got a very steady (and we think quite loveable) pair of hands on the Eskimo wheel, ready to steer us into a very bright and very warm future!


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