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EPOCH marble radiators with towel rails

Eskimo Design / EPOCH marble radiators with towel rails
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EPOCH – Exquisite marble porcelain radiators & bathroom towel rails

EPOCH is a collection of exquisite marble porcelain radiators from Eskimo – beautifully encircled with a metal frame, that present two rails, for satisfying towel hanging space.
Inspired by Michelangelo’s 16th Century Renaissance sculpture, Epoch was originally named DAVID, being the bathroom’s masterpiece that it is.
It’s not biblical but with a powerful presence at 765 watts / 2610 Btu’s, there is at least hope in a towel rail market where heat output can leave you loosing faith.

EPOCH has flexural strength and it’s impact and wear-resistant. We know you’re not likely to take a hammer to your radiator rail in a ‘deranged man hit the foot of Michelangelo’s David with a hammer’ kind of way, but it’s comforting to know that EPOCH is robust as well as beautiful.

Thanks to innovative pressing technology, our ‘Eskimo experts’ Coverlam, have made it possible to produce impressive marble porcelain front fascia’s that cleverly represent the much heavier, much more expensive, real marble alternatives – without detriment to the design aesthetic. It’s light, chemical resistant, resistant to UV rays, and environmentally friendly. As a surface finish product, Coverlam offers great possibilities for innovation in the field of construction and interior design. If you have a bathroom in a particular finish, EPOCH can be matched to quietly blend into the scheme.

Eskimo have selected four stunning, complimentary marble porcelain finishes; Quirinal Gris natural, Estatuario natural, Marquina polished and Coralina natural.
And six frame rail choices; Brushed, Polished, Dark Antique Bronze, Light Antique Brass, Satin Copper and Rose Gold.

QUIRINAL GRIS natural is a tasteful palette of white and grey. There’s something about the excessively detailed pattern that we adored at Eskimo. Quirinal Gris is lavish, yet with a natural finish, appears quiet somehow. Depending on the accents of your room, select a complimentary rail frame such as Polished?
What our ‘Eskimo experts’ say – Quirinal Gris is our cross invention from the natural Italian marble, grey Venezuala. This absolutely stunning marble is our own non-replicable version that creates a unique piece comprised of natural raw materials, which are expected in natural marble but with Coverlam it has that aesthetic element.

ESTATUARIO natural is a touch of glamour and an ode to the distinction and purity of classic marble with a contemporary touch that makes it one of the large-scale porcelain stoneware series, most desired by architects and interior designers. Depending on the accents of your room, select a contrasting rail frame such as Brushed.
What our ‘Eskimo experts’ say – Estatuario is an interpretation of Carrara marble, this marble has become very popular and in high demand due to the global trend with white marbles in homes, hotels and restaurants. The combination of a thick but subtle vein, with a pure white background provides a touch of class and elegance that you would expect from a natural marble but with Coverlam you are getting the benefits of this and the resistance of a porcelain surface.

MARQUINA polished is a mighty, polished monochrome marble porcelain finish. Presenting a powerful black backdrop to veins of pure white shards, Marquina is full of drama. Depending on the accents of your room, select a contrasting rail frame such as Rose Gold or Satin Copper?
What our ‘Eskimo experts’ say – This timeless Spanish marble, Nero Marquina, is a design that thrives from interior design and architecture. The pure white veins portrayed on the stunning background is a testament to the technical and innovative achievement by Grespania with Coverlam.

CORALINA BLANCO natural has a calm, clean, luxurious ‘marble’ presence, indicative of ancient Roman architecture. Yet it’s intricate markings are almost ‘cork’ like, so this cold stone also evokes a warmth (pardon the radiator pun). Depending on the accents of your room, select a contrasting rail frame such as Dark Antique Bronze?

Low water volume and a diverter fitted as standard, means rapid warm-up and perfect for low-temperature heating systems such as heat pumps. EPOCH will be available in electric soon. But for now, you can have water/hydronic models, offering hidden valve connections as standard.  1200mm H x 500mmW x 58mm D.

EPOCH – marble porcelain radiators with metal finish frame rails comes in one size currently:
1200mm H x 500mm W x 112mm D – weight is approximately 27kg.
765 watts @ Delta T 50.
Four front fascia marble porcelain finishes as standard; Estatuario Natural, Marquina Polished, Quirinal Gris Natural & Coralina Natural.
Six frame rail metal finishes as standard; Brushed, Satin Copper, Polished Rose Gold, Satin Copper, Light Antique Brass & Dark Antique Bronze.

Estatuario Natural & Brushed frame rail – 1 week lead-time
All other finishes currently 6-9 weeks

Eskimo use 5.6mm thick Coverlam marble porcelain throughout for EPOCH.

If you want to match to a marble finish, or an alternative metal finish, you are very welcome to speak with our sales team; sales@eskimodesign.co.uk
Additional lead-time and costs will apply – we will also require a physical sample from you.

Electric models are coming soon.

IF YOU ARE A UK CUSTOMER – Please contact matt.harrison@cphart.co.uk
EPOCH – exquisite marble porcelain radiator, with metal finish hanging rails. Designed by Eskimo, for C.P.Hart

IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE UK AND YOU WOULD LOVE AN EPOCH – Please contact sales@eskimodesign.co.uk

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