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Eskimo LUX 2021

Make no mistake, 2020 was a tough year wherever you were located around the globe. With folks staying home like never before, the urge to makes your personal space as welcoming and cosy as possible, by installing some seriously stylish products went up a few notches. As a result, Eskimo Products saw a big increase in demand for our most lusted after designs. This luxury trend is looking set to continue well into this year and beyond. So, welcome to Eskimo LUX 2021!


INGOT – The Jewel In Eskimo’s Crown

Launched in the carefree days of 2019, the opulence of the OUTLINE – INGOT caused quite a stir amongst those seeking to add some decadence to the functional practicalities of heating their home.

Interest in these gems of product design has continued to grow, most like Magpies attracting to shiny objects, especially in the turbulence of 2020, people are wanting to add beauty to their surroundings. Because make no doubt, INGOTs are stunning, with the attraction seemingly insatiable for the soft and elegant Almond Gold and the delicate Rose Gold. Then there are those seeking comfort in the nostalgic warmth of Antique Bronze.

Our plating team brought years of expertise to the design process and can be credited with giving Ingot her shine. Combine that with the much-loved performance of Eskimo’s OUTLINE radiator and you really do have a radiator worthy of its own luxury glamour shoot.

The Aging process – You can age gracefully with your Ingot, provided you care for them lovingly. Just like us, you will find they will benefit from the occasional gentle buffing with a soft cloth and no harsh chemicals. Do this and you may find a slight change in colour over the years, but only in accordance with what is expected with all metal finishes, and it will bring many, many years of joy.


Mighty Magmas: GONG – So HOT it’s molten!

2020 saw a golden renaissance for Eskimo’s brightest star GONG – The Mighty Magmas. This beauty is a work of art, formed from precious copper and it is then painstakingly hand patinated a delicate earthy organic swirling lava pattern by the extremely talented, Capisco. The go-to patination company amongst Architects and Designers around the globe. Each one’s unique patination feels almost alive!

The fact that these luxury pieces are also working hard to provide both beauty and warmth means they hit dual interior design kudos. Their performance as a radiator is the highest in its class. Low water volume and a diverter fitted as standard, means rapid warm-up. Perfect for low-temperature heating systems such as heat pumps. Outline GONG comes in an electric model and can be paired with the Delta Dore TYDOM control system. Or, central heating, water/hydronic model, offering bottom end connections as standard. Or specify hidden valve models with our Hinge & Bracket design.


RON – Gold

The classics are the best – The RON has also seen a big increase in admiring glances this past year, and with its nostalgic smooth curves and sleek modern lines it’s easy to see why this modular radiator has a timeless appeal. Perfectly formed to work within both small and large spaces that need a powerful stylish unit, you will feel like you’ve struck Gold with this ultra-LUX anodised finish.

Ron is a modular aluminum high output radiator: allowing you to add as many sections as you need from 1 to 50.
Available in a range of six standard heights. Fit long, low 200mm high versions underneath windows or shelving; or fit space-saving 1.8 m tall and narrow column radiator versions.


Let’s face it, we are going to have to style out this pesky pandemic the best we can, and when it comes to keeping you cosy and chic, Eskimo has got you beautifully wrapped up.

ESKIMO – love making heat

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