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Leggy RON in shipyard

Eskimo Design / Leggy RON in shipyard

Leggy RON radiator – floor mounted – shipyard

Eskimo’s RON and Leggy RON are beautifully formed column radiators. This modular, elliptical range crosses the boundary between contemporary and classic. Its styling cues include 1950s aircraft technology, (which you’ll certainly notice with our Polished RON), and the traditional schoolhouse radiator. As a result, it will happily sit with any interior scheme, from ultra-modern to period. And you can select either wall mounted or floor mounted. In this case, floor mounted Leggy RON with our Shipyard sublimation print finish.

Born initially from a project in a listed building with Jacobean Oak panelling that prohibited wall mounting of radiators, Leggy Ron works equally well in conservatories, garden rooms and shops with floor to ceiling glass or indeed in any setting where both sides of the radiator are equally visible. The design is perfectly symmetrical allowing the radiator to be installed without regard to which side will be seen.

Other applications include properties where high skirting boards would normally require the radiator to mounted at an unsightly height on the wall, or under benches and in alcoves where a wall mounted radiator would otherwise suffer from a reduced heat output from being mounted too far back.

Essentially Leggy Ron is a great solution for otherwise unusable spaces, allowing wall space to be freed up for hanging artwork for instance, and allowing radiators to be used where the only option would otherwise be underfloor heating with all the associated issues with the lack of temperature control.

Leggy RON is a modular aluminium high output radiator: allowing you to add as many sections as you need from 1 to 50.
Available in a range of six standard heights. Fit long, low 307mm high versions underneath windows or shelving; or fit space saving 1907mm tall and narrow column radiator versions. Alternative connection positions available.
You can also select wall mounted RON column radiators too.

Sizes & Price Lists

Specially selected sublimation print finishes include; Copper Pipe, Shipyard and Antique. It’s not just printing – it’s a decorative metal thing. We are proud to introduce another specialist team from the talented Eskimo family – OneLBJ are a skilled bunch who are artists in their field, based in Atherstone, Warwickshire. Their expertise are decorative finishes on to metal components.

But as you can imagine, this can be done either with or without an eye for design. So Eskimo were chuffed when we finally found OneLBJ, who’s creativity, attention to detail, experience and design understanding means that this finish is executed perfectly. Stunning, not tacky.

Offering RON and Leggy RON lovers three incredibly different alternative looks. We selected three high res images from shots of inspiration in and around a shipyard site in Bristol, Somerset. Those images were then designed to create a surface finish for RON’s curvy form.

Once the image is finalised, this then gets transferred onto a poly film.
In the meantime Eskimo powder coat the modules at our Birmingham factory, with a porous powder that’s cured at a lower temperature than standard powder.
Each of the Ron sections are then wrapped in the film and heated to a high temperature – the inks on the inside of the film are transferred into the porous powder and make their way through it to the base metal. Finally the heat cures and seals the powder so that it’s no longer porous.

What this means is that it is essentially a print, but not surface print – it goes right through the entire coating, meaning that if you were to scratch the RON sections you’d have to get down to base metal before you saw the scratch mark.

10 week lead time.

Towel bars in the same finish can be added.

CLICK HERE to see towel bar positions for models 600mm H – 1000mm H

CLICK HERE to see towel bar positions for models 1500mm H 

CLICK HERE to see towel bar positions for models 1800mm H

CLICK HERE to see towel bar positions on bespoke models 2000mm H

CLICK HERE for the towel bar projection from wall to front face

You will need a set of corner valves for all Leggy RON radiators. And will need to specify left or right hand flow when purchasing your corner valves. What this means is, as you look at your radiator, does the water coming via the left or right hand side first?

Alternative connection positions on request.

Wall mounted RON column radiators are also available.

If you are buying for your own home, please go to our where to buy page where all of our very helpful retailers are listed. Contact them direct and they will look after you.

If you are trade, then please go to our trade page where you will find a bounty of useful, immediate information. And do contact us direct on sales@eskimodesign.co.uk for contract quotations. Or give us a call on +44 (0)207 117 0110.

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