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Do you know where your radiator comes from?

Eskimo design & manufacture radiators and towel warmers in the UK. Birmingham in fact. People often find this surprising, because they don’t come across many UK-manufactured products in their daily lives these days. The UK has quasi-dominant positions in only two large manufacturing sectors, namely pharmaceuticals and aerospace. But of course we have many niche producers spread over umpteen sectors in this Country and the UK is still the world’s sixth-largest producer of manufactured goods apparently. We’re happy to be part of that. We don’t have an aversion to importing great products by the way. For example, Italian family run Ottinetti, design and make the best valves in the World in our opinion. That’s why we recommend them to compliment some of our radiators.

Birmingham’s growth and prosperity was based upon metalworking industries, of which many different kinds existed. You’ve probably heard of the label “City of a thousand trades” because of the wide variety of goods manufactured there — buttons, cutlery, nails and screws, tools, jewellery, toys, locks, and ornaments were amongst the many products manufactured. Well, beautiful radiators too. For most of the 19th century, industry in Birmingham was dominated by small workshops rather than large factories or mills. Large factories became increasingly common towards the end of the century when engineering industries became increasingly important.

Birmingham is at the heart of our manufacturing and we get very excited by the traditional skill sets, often generational, hand in hand with inspiring and innovative technology. Coincidentally founder and MD of Eskimo, Phil Ward, hails from Birmingham, his family provenance being the heat exchange business. They made oil coolers in JCB’s & Concorde. Helpful beginnings in the importance of understanding heat (and cooling).

Designing with integrity is our passion. Functionality is absolutely key with our radiators and towel warmers. Our leading heat outputs dissolve any concerns of form over function. We work with expert teams so that we are lucky enough to have the most stunning finishes. The brilliant design ideas come from our small but perfectly formed Eskimo team and we love the reaction from architects and interior designers who often say that they had this idea and wondered why an earth they couldn’t find it. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most extraordinary.

All of our products are designed and developed with the same key principles; clean lines, meticulous engineering, reliability and total practicality. Couple that with stunning finishes and a love for attention to detail and then you know that you have an Eskimo product. The reason that we get so excited about designing and manufacturing radiators and towel warmers, is because we believe that they can, and should, blend and compliment your interior design. And because we offer both stock and bespoke radiators, our customers know that, whatever their checklist, we can tick all of their boxes. You can speak with actual humans too because we are always happy to answer your questions and are loved for our product support.

Eskimo hydronic and electric radiators have a global fan base, in hotels in Paris and Courchavel and the Royal Palace in Monaco, homes in Russia, Australia, Italy and Azerbaijan, to name a few.

We make the World’s best radiators & towel warmers, and they come from beautiful Birmingham.



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