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The Jorba – Towel Rail for Column

Eskimo Design / The Jorba – Towel Rail for Column
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The Jorba – towel rail for Column

This cleverly designed Jorba towel rail is a beautiful, functional, high end accessory for Eskimo’s Column radiator. Allowing you to apply a rail, or rails, when needed. Without ugly fixings, without difficulty – ‘The Jorba’ fits to any size Column radiator. And whenever you want.

Our Eskimo Product Design Engineers, always mindful of functionality and design in harmony, wanted to ensure that the intricacy of the way that it was fixed avoided ugly and damaging additional parts. Imagine fingers slotting and gripping. Smooth edges to all radial lines and a centre of gravity at the front, enabled the taper to the rear of the rail to cleverly grip Column’s elliptical tubes, without damage.

The Jorba towel rail design was inspired by Column’s curvy form. We wanted to continue the same design language yet without being restrained in having to ‘safely’ mimic the front fascia. After listening to our retailers we also knew that an open ended rail was most desirable and so The Jorba’s simplistic, beautiful swan neck enabled a ‘sweep’ that presented as much towel hanging space as possible.

It’s also worth noting that, through thermal conductivity of a larger aluminium object, the rail will also heat up when your Column radiator is on. Warming all the way to the end. A stunning open ended form with beautiful design aesthetics and cleverly practical functionality. No fixtures, no fittings, no moving parts.

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NOTE: This product will only fit an Eskimo Column radiator

Carefully position your Jorba towel rail at the bottom of the Column radiator – due to the decorative cap it will not slide on from the top of the Column radiator. The Jorba is reversible so can be positioned on either the left or right hand.

The end of the Jorba overhangs the end of the radiator – line the first oval cavity on the Jorba up with the first oval tube on the Column on either the left or right.

It will be easier to fit and you will not risk damaging the product if you can decide on the required position of the Jorba(s) before you fit it.

Carefully slide the Jorba up the Column radiator to the desired position – if you lift the front it should slide freely.

If you do find it slightly tight at first at the bottom give it a tap with palm of your hand – there may be an additional thickness of powder from the powder coating process that could cause this.

2 x M4 nylon tipped grub screws are pre-fitted. These require tightening once you have slid the Jorba into the required position using the allen (hex) key provided turning the allen key clockwise to tighten. You will need to hold the Jorba with one hand while tightening the allen key with the other so it may be easier if you have an assistant available to hold the rail whilst you tighten the grub screws.

Tighten both grub screws evenly until the rail no longer rocks – do not overtighten or they could mark the radiator and should you ever wish to re-position the Jorba these marks would be visible.

SIZE – 50mm H x 465mm W x 97mm D.

The total depth from the wall to the front of the Column – with a Jorba Towel Rail, is  162mm (on a 10mm Hanging Bracket) and 188mm (on a 36mm Hanging Bracket ).


Available in RAL 9017 matt traffic white, The Fronze, or any standard Eskimo RAL. I’m afraid that, due to the polishing process, Polished Aluminium Jorba rails are no longer available.

For a small additional cost, you can also match to the colour of your Column radiator, specify any non standard RAL or colour match to a paint reference of your choice.

from £127 + VAT
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