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Like most 16 year olds, Eskimo is still relatively small. But with a large network and experience behind it, young also means progressive. Strength in a small business, derives from integrity, passion and trust.
We understand and respect that trust is the number one currency when it comes to winning and retaining customers. Something that we never take for granted and pride ourselves on building with our huge demographic variation.

For Eskimo, gaining trust is paramount to winning and retaining customers. Our consistent aim is that, once customers have experienced our service and our products, they are left with a warm feeling inside. That’s brand trust. They love our radiators and towel warmers. And they know that we will look after them. Even beyond the transaction. We have very little advertising or fancy PR, so we rely on positive referrals and returning happy customers. Of course this will only arise if you’re providing the best service possible and gaining customers’ confidence. Marvellous marketing will draw consumers in for a single sale or two, but keeping them requires delivering a service to the highest standard. To be honest, this seems a ‘given’ to us at Eskimo. Why wouldn’t you deliver a product and a service to the highest standard? How awful not to do so. Job satisfaction would certainly take a downward turn.

It’s not just about having a nice looking brand identity, beautiful product and being helpful though. There are several important things that we remember when building brand trust.
Understanding our customers for starters. It sounds obvious, but it can be easy to forget when you’re prioritising the bottom line and focussing on creative solutions. What do our customers want? What makes them happy? WOM marketing is one of our favourite types of marketing. And to receive positive “Word Of Mouth” marketing, you absolutely need to achieve trust. Trust from the beginning of the customer journey, and beyond. Repeat custom has created a strong foundation on which to grow our business. We listen to our customers and every design decision that we make is informed by, and for the benefit of, the client. We have such varied clients; from home owners, our retailer market, to interior designers, developers and architects. Customers all over the UK and all over the World. What’s fantastic about having such a varied customer base is that they tell us what why want and what they don’t want. Such valuable information makes our designers and engineers excited and animated, from drawing stage to test, as they build the next beautiful radiator to meet the needs and expectations of those discerning customers.

The Eskimo team are a happy bunch. There’s only four of us in the design studio but this fab four give decades of skills, qualifications and experiences that are integral ingredients of the brand that is Eskimo. Along with our larger manufacturing team and all of our ‘Eskimo experts’ from our surface finishers, veneer applicators , metal experts and artists, to our tremendous transport team. And because we love what we do and are passionate about the product experience and our customers’ expectations, it’s easy to build bonds between the brand and every customer that we encounter. Because they can honestly see that what we do and how we do it, matters to us.

That’s where frankness and transparency comes in. Answering questions honestly and giving the customer a glimpse in to the inner workings of an Eskimo radiator works wonders for initiating trust. Our valued retailers have a huge knowledge of our products and with the enormous selection of special finishes, seeing them ‘in the flesh’ is the best way to experience the aesthetic form and the innovative functionality. So visiting a showroom is always the best course of action. For those customers who cannot, busy developers and architects for example, we ensure that we give them as much direct information as they require and when we have exhibited at shows such as 100% Design London we take people thoroughly through our product. Our design studio, based in Bristol or our manufacturing team up in Birmingham offer direct viewings of the product with our technical experts. Our ethos is one of being a trusted brand for bespoke, inspiring designs with technical reliability and intelligence. Clean lines, stunning finishes, perfect attention to detail. This is what we constantly present and we don’t hide any ‘secret’ ingredients. It’s just simply very good design and manufacturing with integrity. This is what our clients are drawn to. They know that what they receive is going to be perfect. And if ever it’s not, we will always go above and beyond to solve and resolve. We never just ‘love them and leave them’ at Eskimo.

Price is obviously important too and of course we have a lot of competitors out there on that front. What is soon discovered is that if you have an Eskimo product, you have something that is incredibly cost efficient, often not needing such a large radiator due to our high heat outputs. Which gives you the opportunity to select something a little more special. But what we also do is offer a very accessible price spectrum, from £200 – £2,500. And with our new range of eskimolow radiators and towel warmers, everyone can have designer products at low cost too. So even the every day white radiators that you may need within a tight budget, are available with Eskimo. For both our retail customers and our trade customers, we always try to meet their budgetary needs. And low budgets should NEVER mean poorly functioning or ugly radiators.

Another element in building customer confidence and maintaining a dependable reputation is taking feedback on board and modifying accordingly. Listening again. The incredibly good feedback and press is always wonderful to receive. But we actively encourage any negative feedback or any initial complaints. That way we can learn and respond before they get out into the wider world. Which is obviously incredibly important to our reputation but also because we believe turning a rare unhappy customer in to a very happy customer who trusts us again, is more important.

Ultimately, earning brand trust in the era of the sceptical consumer is something that companies have a responsibility to take very seriously. Eskimo’s desire, not only to be successful, leaders and innovators in the radiator arena. But to be a brand that everyone wants to be a part of. Leaves complacency behind and, instead an ongoing drive for customer satisfaction whilst we make things that we love to make. Trust us to design & make the World’s best radiators & towel warmers.

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