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Holiday Rental Hosts – Take The Controls!

With online companies dominating the market, the world of Holiday Home rentals is booming, and the role of star host has become an important one.

As every person who works in the luxury service industry knows, the primary aim is to make your guests happy and to exceed their expectations. However, with modern technology, the era of the instant review from customers being posted online, the demands for constant five-star service is ever present.

Everything about the property and the customer service needs to be faultless and Eskimo will exceed your expectations on both stunning aesthetic and functionality when it comes to your heating requirements.

With a reputation built on beautifully designed radiators with technical reliability & intelligence, that embody clean lines and stunning finishes, our product ranges are sure to inspire.

Should you choose one of our OUTLINE electric radiators (with both bespoke and soon to be available stock ranges) for your heating needs, then we would highly endorse coupling this with a DELTA DORE Tydom Thermostat system for total control and exceptional efficiency for your business.

We integrate receivers that are ready to ‘pair and go’ on delivery. Combine this with our ‘Step By Step’ installation guide and installation is simplicity itself. And the TYDOM system we offer is a new generation of Home Automation solution, to ‘cherry pick’ controls that meet your particular needs. Affordable and simplistic, with no hidden updates or expensive add ons.


TYDOM Delta Dore thermostat enables you to control your heating, lighting, music. In fact, any controllable products, or remotely, from a Smartphone or tablet. TYDOM makes life easier, more comfortable and secure. You can even make energy savings too.


By using the app, it means you can have full control of the property when it is empty ie, you can turn off the heating remotely and then just switch on for a couple of hours a day at low temperatures during winter months, in a property maintenance capacity.

And, perhaps more importantly, you can also switch the heating on for before the guests arrive, making for a very warm welcome for guests after a long journey and a great first impression.

It also means that you can programme seasonal appropriate settings for your guests so that they don’t have to worry about a thing. Although, it is worth pointing out that the system also allows guests to override and boost if required, due to having the TYBOX3D in the property.

Again, this is energy efficient and will save your business money.


The installation is a simple 3 or, 4 step process, depending on which model you choose: https://eskimodesign.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Instructions-for-RF-6620-16-Amp-Receiver.pdf


IMPORTANT UPDATE – It’s worth noting that all electric radiators must incorporate a system providing controllability. This is under the Lot 20 Eco-design compliancy. Any electric radiators that don’t have this capability would contravene the directive.

So take control of your businesses heating & energy output with the TYDOM Delta Dore thermostat system, with Eskimo Electric!


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