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GORDON – flash drying towel rails

Eskimo Design / GORDON – flash drying towel rails

Gordon – flash drying, vertical, electric, heated towel rails – offer low power consumption, so you can leave it on all year round. On test, this innovative bathroom rail dries towels three times faster than standard horizontal ladders, used in the conventional way. In other words, combined with a timer it uses around a quarter of the power, which makes Gordon super efficient and that equals super GREEN, in terms of flexing your eco-credentials. It’s architectural styling cues and space saving form is adored in bathrooms and interior spaces of all sizes.

Gordon is also made from Aluminium. So couple that with low running costs and you’ve got a power efficient product that is 100% recyclable. Aluminium has high thermal conductivity and a low thermal mass too. So this gives a very rapid warm up time. Your Gordon towel rail will reach operating temperature in 1/3rd of the time.

If you select single Gordon in black, dark grey or white, and our new feature finish – Sandcastle, you can have this stock size within a 2 or, 3 days. Subject to stock availability. You can also choose any RAL or colour match for a small additional cost. And the lead time only increases to 4 weeks. If you’d like switches or timers, check out our complimentary products page for our recommendations.

Double Gordon presents hanging space for 8 towels and is double the heat output, 400 watts. Lead time 4 weeks throughout.
All Gordon towel rails are a fine textured matt finish colour.

towel warmer

GORDON – flash drying towel rail (single), non slip matt dark grey (other sizes)

heated towel rail gordon

GORDON – flash drying towel rail (single), non slip matt white (other sizes)

gordon towel rails

GORDON – flash drying towel rail (single), non slip matt black (other sizes)

electric towel rails

GORDON – flash drying towel rail (double), in non slip matt dark grey (other sizes)

GORDON – flash drying towel rail (single), in non slip sandcastle (other sizes)

GORDON – flash drying towel rail (any RAL or colour match), in non slip matt fine texture. (other sizes)

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