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The Showstoppers! Seriously HOT Interiors with Eskimo

Great interior design is about creating a space that engages people through its functionality and beauty. Exceeding peoples expectations, allowing them to thrive.

This aim to improve quality of life through design and decoration has been with us for a long time, be it for a commercial or residential capacity. So, as we continue to develop our understanding of the benefits of the interior equivalent of ‘Form follows Function’ philosophy, and its ability to transform our relationship with our environment, it really is clear to see the importance of great design.

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.

Winston Churchill

Mindful of those of you seeking the greatest impact on your interior design ideas, we cast a discerning glance over Eskimo’s ultimate showstoppers!

OUTLINE Gong ‘Mighty Magmas’ – Any product whose name is inspired by the hypnotic molten pit that is the very core of our planet has got to be a fiery little number and you don’t get more WOW factor than Eskimo’s OUTLINE Gong ‘Mighty Magmas’.

The hand patinated copper radiator, created by Eskimo in conjunction with the creative genius that is, Capisco – A true gem of British industrial creative industry and world-class specialists of patination of copper alloys, bronze, brass, and copper. Capisco’s core business is focussed on creating beautiful sheet pressed panels, sculptures & extruded sections for the heavyweight designers & architects around the globe.

To gaze upon MIGHTY MAGMAS is to be mesmerised by its alluring rich tones, its unique, incredibly tactile surface and an earthy pallet of burnt orange and rose tones.

For more information on Capsico, have a perusal of this blog.


ron radiator polished designs

The Polished RON – The Polished RON has such a perfectly reflective surface, you will be able to see the actual moment when admirers jaws drop gazing upon its shiny form!

Eskimo’s RON radiator is a beautifully formed column radiator. This modular, elliptical range crosses the boundary between contemporary and classic. Its styling cues include 1950s aircraft technology and the traditional schoolhouse radiator. As a result, it will happily sit with any interior scheme, from ultra-modern to period.

RON in polished offers you the opportunity to add powerful, chrome accents to a room. Our skilled manufacturing team polishes each aluminum section from which RON is composed. Stunningly reflective enhancing RON’s perfect curves.

art deco radiator

POP! Exclamation Point!

ART RADIATORS – creating something truly unique for your home

Working in collaboration with the artistic talents of Mirrl, we created the masterpiece, ‘POP’, art inspired six colour multi resin surface radiator. Designed and created as a piece of seriously hot and functional ART. Bursting with zesty lemon yellow, deep navy blue, baby pink, white, post box red, and tangerine orange, all intermingling with each other

The Glasgow based company, Mirrl derives its name from the beautiful namesake of the surface technique it employs, which has a distinctive organic pooling pattern and stunning colour palettes

The Mirrl technique is inspired by Japanese lacquerware from the island of Hokkaido and has

For a more in-depth read on Mirrl, have a gander on the following blog.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?….. It’s SUPERMIRROR!

….. and whoever stands before it.

This super chic radiator beautifully accentuates the flawless sleek lines of our OUTLINE Supermirror radiator. So much so, that I am almost wary of calling it a showstopper radiator, when in fact you could be forgiven for not realising it is a radiator at all.

The ROCK Hudson

Taking a leading role in our dramatic coastal CLIFF range, the Rock Hudson’s real stone veneer is glorious in its soft tones of ‘dusky pink’. This finish is not for the faint-hearted, don’t go for Rock Hudson unless you love a bit of drama and you like a bit of pink. The Outline CLIFF is a high-performance modular aluminum radiator and wherever he is on show, he will be the star of the room!

So, when it comes to heating your interior design aspirations,  that ESKIMO- Love Making SHOWSTOPPING Heat!


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