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Eskimo Design / Best of British  / Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Falling Water’ celebrates UNESCO’s World Heritage honour!

Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Falling Water’ celebrates UNESCO’s World Heritage honour!

In a month when Eskimo has been pondering its pool of design influences, we were delighted to see that last Sunday, Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Falling Water’, was voted onto ‘The List’  by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee under the very special title – “The 20th Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright’.

This is a building, that is considered by Eskimo’s Managing Director & Designer Phil Ward’s, to be one of his all-time greatest influences!  Falling Water is perfectly planted amongst the rambling woods and a delicate waterfalls of Bear Run, Pennsylvania and it is one of eight  Wright-designed buildings on the list, which includes the world iconic, Guggenheim Museum, in New York City and Unity Temple in Oak Park, Ill.

The legendary, Frank Lloyd Wright is celebrated as one of Americas most influential architect & interior designer and through-out his illustrious career he developed a signature style coined ‘Organic Architecture’ where the man-made connects and entwines with nature, and is often cited as a major inspiration to the Bauhaus Architecture movement.

With the design for the property being done in a single morning in 1935, Wright decided on a unique design feature, by incorporating the house within a symbiotic relationship with the property’s picturesque waterfall. The builds clients, the Kaufmanns, had dreamed merely to have a view of the waterfall, risked believing in Wrights philosophical promise,


“I want you to live with the waterfall,” he told them, “not just to look at it, but for it to become an integral part of your lives.”


And boy, did he deliver! The houses organic form was inspired by the cascading feature that became so integral to its form, that Wright opted “to cantilever the house from that rock-bank over the falling water,” resulting in the house’s natural stacked appearance. After all, as Wright claimed, “a building should grace its environment rather than disgrace it.”


Fallingwater’s interior was also designed with nature in mind. The centre of the home has a large sandstone fireplace built around two unmoved boulders. Similarly, the floors are stone and the walls are covered in unwaxed cork. Large, corner-less windows welcome,


“……the natural environment into the house as well as enticing its inhabitants out.”


Whilst the concept of bringing the outside in,  is something we are all quite familiar with these days, it is all down to Wright and his groundbreaking design, and this concept was also continued in the home’s collection of freestanding and built-in furniture, along with the staggering 170 decorative art pieces designed by Wright that embrace the outdoors through both look and feel, including furnishings made of North Carolina black walnut, a wood with warm chocolate tones, and veneered in sapwood.

And it is this love of nature, combined with ‘Falling Waters’ dramatic form that Ward finds creatively inspirational. In fact, you have only glance at Eskimos stunning original range of OUTLINE panel radiators, in particular, ‘Cliff’ to see first-hand the profound impact that Frank Llyod Wright has had on Eskimo’s product range.

Our Outline Cliff radiators are an exquisite natural stone radiator collection, with Barren Stone a totally wild show stopper! Real stone veneer with a lighter ‘Desert’ stone colour spectrum. Mainly warm with hints of sandstone and rock formation greys and browns. With the widest potential variation and colour palette; this finish is not for the faint-hearted. Whatever you end up with will be glorious but don’t go for Baron Stone unless you love a bit of drama. Outline CLIFF radiators are a high-performance modular aluminum radiator. With a clean-lined front fascia of natural stone veneer.


Eskimo – Loves Making Inspiring Heat!



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