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Feo – Eskimo Surfaces & Finishes

Eskimo Design / Feo – Eskimo Surfaces & Finishes
feo surfaces and finishes
feo surfaces
feo finishes
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FeO – Eskimo Surfaces & Finishes

FeO is an aged oiled steel sheet product for interior and exterior applications like surfaces and finishes. An exclusive hand patinated steel finish whose name refers to the oxidation of iron; a process which naturally produces common rust. FeO combines several iron oxides in a precisely controlled production process involving various heat treatment and acid etch stages, along with a final ageing in the great British outdoors.

FeO has been developed to maximise the beautiful patinas achievable through the oxidation of steel. The unique Eskimo sealing process then fixes that patina and prevents corrosion of the base material, allowing FeO to be used for a huge variety of applications from radiators and heated towel rails to shower enclosures, through bar and counter tops, flooring, stairways and fire surrounds. To interior and exterior wall cladding.

No, this is not COR-TEN. This is Eskimo’s own exclusive hand patinated steel finish.

Price on receipt of specification or drawings.

Available in matt or satin finish.
Standard sheet thickness 0.9, 1.2, 1.6, 2, 3mm depending upon application.
For standard wall cladding we generally specify 1.2mm.
Bar and countertops are usually manufactured from 2mm material.
Standard sheet size is 2500 x 1250mm.

4-6 week lead time following drawing approval.

Different fixing methods include:

Face fixing with a high quality fixing, bonding to a suitable substrate (MDF, ply, cementboard etc. depending on interior or exterior application) with structural adhesives that Eskimo can supply. FeO can also be manufactured to suit standard façade fixing systems.

Also, usefully, for when the client needs access to services (pipework or electrics say) behind the wall, FEO can be fixed to the wall using magnetic tapes. We have a special design for shower enclosures that allow the sheets to be hooked and sealed together to form watertight wall or floor coverings.

For fire surrounds, we can produce FeO panels as a folded sheet product that simply needs bonding to a suitable substrate such as cement board, when in close proximity to the fire, or a decent ply further from the heat source (your HETAS registered installer can provide guidance on distance before using ply. It’s worthwhile noting to them that the FeO product is entirely non-flammable).

We can also form FeO into more complex shapes and structures – talk to our design team.

Please send your enquiry to sales@eskimodesign.co.uk and we will contact you right away. Or give Phil Ward a call on +44 (0)7970 659 269.

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