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Export Prices

Eskimo Design / Export Prices

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Eskimo operates a domestic retail price list in sterling and an export prices list in euro.

The sterling price list is for the UK market, is exclusive of VAT and transport and includes domestic standard packaging (bespoke, recyclable cardboard) – 90% of Eskimo deliveries in the UK are taken care of by our own transport.

The euro price list is higher as it is the price list operated by our overseas distributors. When purchasing through on of our export distributors shipping from the UK to the country of purchase is taken care of within this price list, as is packaging in specially designed wooden export crates, each radiator has its own crate for continued protection on site. The Euro price list also allows for some currency fluctuation in a sometimes volatile currency market; the risk of currency fluctuation within the quotation validity period needs to be priced in.

If you do not have an Eskimo distributor in your territory you can choose to purchase in either sterling, with the additional export costs detailed above added, or in euros in which case these costs are included – the net price will be the same.