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An interesting Birmingham Factory

Pretty sure that you already know that Birmingham has quite an impressive history when it comes to manufacturing? Referred to as the first manufacturing town in the World, if you were kicking about in 1791, Birmingham was a major player in the Industrial Revolution. We have a predilection for the city. Not only because our Lead Engineer Designer, and founder of Eskimo, Phil Ward hails from there. Since 2001, we have been manufacturing our beautiful designer radiators from there and now we have our own Birmingham factory. We adore that Birmingham’s distinctive economic profile, was historically created of thousands of small workshops, practising a wide variety of specialised and highly skilled trades. The thought of encouraging the exceptional levels of creativity and innovation at the time really pleases designers and engineers like ourselves. So it feels right that Eskimo’s creativity was born of Birmingham and that the making of these beautifully designed, functional products, remain at the heart of ‘Brum’. 

We are a teeny bit proud that we design and make our radiators and towel rails ourselves. Always mindful of our environmental responsibilities, being able to keep everything ‘local’ benefits our global carbon footprint. We also have craftsmen all over the UK that we refer to as our ‘eskimo experts’. Enabling us to offer an incredibly satisfying portfolio of high quality, special surface finishes. Like us, they are small businesses, a nod to the heart of the Industrial Revolution ethos. Reminding us of why we do what we do, and why how we do it is so important. It’s not easy, but we’ve achieve it and this fills us with joy.

Beautiful functional product design is everything to us, we love what we do, so we are constantly mindful of every single design detail. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, corners could easily be cut, especially when it comes to cost, but that’s not the Eskimo way. So when you receive an Eskimo product, you can be sure that the attention to detail and quality of design is paramount. What is also important to us is control over quality. Again, it could be a lot easier and cheaper to outsource the manufacturing to some great companies that are out there. But in order to have more control over innovation, quality, price, timelines and product development, you can’t beat having  your own manufacturing in place.

This is why we are so excited, puffing up our chests with professional pride. 2019 sees the opening of our very own Birmingham factory. With a small, yet perfectly formed, experienced, highly skilled team, we are able to complete every part of the manufacturing process of our radiators & towel rails ourselves. New Product Development works directly with our production team and our sales team – to ensure high quality, technically innovative, functionally robust, heating products. With the design team and ‘eskimo experts’ all working together, we are able to remember why we do what we do – design beautiful interior products. It will also be an appointment only visitor centre too. Where we can show you how we make your posh radiators and meet the Eskimo team. See you soon.

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