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I’m Dreaming Of……. A Home Renovation Project in 2020!

As we gather a jolly pace towards the festive season, it is an ideal time to start mulling things other than sugar and spice and all things nice (and ideally, a lil bit boozy) and home renovation projects for 2020 must be close to the top of the list!

In the seemingly cold, crazy world that we all inhabit right now, everyone seems to be working to create their ideal ‘safe’ space, and as such home improvement plans are proving as popular as ever. The desire to nest and embrace cosy hits hardest as the temperatures start to plummet and that is where ESKIMO really come into our own!

Our stunning range of bespoke made to order radiators is guaranteed to enhance your Hygge.

HYGGE:  Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

The word hygge comes from a Danish word meaning “to give courage, comfort, joy”.

But it is also speculated that hygge might originate from the word hug. Hug comes from the 1560s word hugge, which means “to embrace”. The word hugge is of unknown origin but is highly associated with an Old Norse term, hygga, which means “to comfort”, which comes from the word hugr, meaning “mood”. In turn, the word comes from the Germanic word hugyan, which relates to the Old English hycgan, meaning “to think, consider”.

With an incredibly versatile collection of styles & finishes to choose from, Eskimo has got you wrapped up whatever your requirements or, budget. So, if you are looking to remodel your bathroom or, completely renovate your downstairs space into an open-plan oasis of calm, you will be spoilt for choice;

As we all become increasingly more environmentally conscious, it has become clear that we need to be more responsible with our resource consumption and here at Eskimo HQ, we are all pretty partial to this third rock from the sun and as such, all our products are in compliance with

LOT 20 ECODesign legislation, which we achieve by working with the genius that is DELTA DORE’s and their incredible TYDOM thermostatic controls.

2020 will also see the continuing development of Eskimo Electric range – please watch this space!

COLUMN – Top Selling product in 2019!  Demand for this product in 2019, has been phenomenal and all set to continue for 2020! COLUMN is one of our beautifully formed column radiators. This modular, elliptical range is created from a beautifully compact aluminium extrusion of 14 tubes. COLUMN gives a fond nod to most well known and expected style of column radiators. Yet, despite those styling cues, demands a stunningly clean and contemporary presence. As a result, it will happily sit with any interior scheme, from ultra-modern to period.

Eskimo Classic – The RON As the first column radiator designed in 2004, the elliptically moulded radiator has established itself as one of our all-time top sellers, that will never go out of style. The RON’s quiet confidence beautifully blurs the boundaries of both timeless period and chic modern design. Its ability to transcend trends lies in its ability to evoke memories both of the old schoolhouse radiator and the sleek 1950’s aircraft and airstream, the golden age of modern design.

The Showstoppers – you may have never before considered that a radiator would have the ability to induce the dropping of your jaw in interior aesthetical delight. But, as the name suggests, with these beauties, all eyes will be riveted on the Showstoppers!

CLIFF Barren Stone –  Eskimo’s stylish Outline Cliff radiators are an exquisite natural stone radiator collection, that looks as if they have been torn straight out of our dramatic British coastline.

And we are certainly not alone in being lovers of rock! Rugged landscapes often evoke a powerful resonance that people feel deeply connected to. Barren Stone real stone veneer is a lighter ‘Desert’ stone colour spectrum. Mainly warm with hints of sandstone and rock formation greys and browns. With the widest potential variation and colour palette; this finish is not for the faint-hearted. Whatever you end up with will be glorious

POP – ART RADIATORS – Designed and created as a piece of seriously hot and functional ART. Working in collaboration with the artistic talents of Mirrl, we created the masterpiece, ‘POP’, art inspired six colour multi resin surface radiator. Mirrl derives its name from the beautiful namesake of the surface technique it employs, which has a distinctive organic pooling pattern and stunning colour palettes. The Mirrl technique is inspired by Japanese lacquerware from the island of Hokkaido

GONG Mighty Magmas – Any product whose name is inspired by the hypnotic molten pit that is the very core of our planet has got to be a fiery little number and you don’t get more WOW factor than Eskimo’s OUTLINE Gong ‘Mighty Magmas’. The hand patinated copper radiator, created by Eskimo in conjunction with the creative genius that is, Capisco – A true gem of British industrial creative industry and world-class specialists of patination of copper alloys, bronze, brass, and copper.

DAVID is a collection of exquisite marble porcelain radiator/towel rails from Eskimo – beautifully encircled with a metal frame, that present two rails, for satisfying towel hanging space. Inspired by Michelangelo’s 16th Century Renaissance sculpture, – DAVID really is a bathroom’s masterpiece. It’s not biblical but with a powerful presence at 765 watts / 2610 Btu’s, there is at least hope in a towel rail market where heat output can leave you loosing faith.


COLOUR MATCH – a bespoke service that is becoming increasingly popular within interior design. Perfect for those looking for extra versatility by either seamlessly blending their radiators to a complementary colour scheme. Or, to add a bold colourful accent to your abode, by adding a juicy burst to the room. The choice is yours for 2020!


Feeling the HEAT from this collection of Eskimo Products is natural. So, whatever your plans for your renovation projects in 2020, you will be in safe HOT hands with Eskimo and our diligent RETAIL NETWORK, across the globe.


ESKIMO love making heat in 2020

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