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Eskimo – Environmentally Conscious Company

Eskimo has always been environmentally conscious in the way that we operate, but ever since national treasure,  David Attenborough screened his documentary on the very real dangers of plastic pollution and the devastating impact on the world and teen environmentalist, Greta Thunberg made the headlines talking to world leaders (and making an appearance as Bristol’s latest piece of iconic street art , near to our studio, on North Street) Eskimo vowed to take further action and sweep across the board, looking at everything we do, focussing on reducing our carbon footprint and the development of eco-friendly products.

A few of the simple steps we have already implemented;

Having already embraced a paperless system 2 years ago, we are happy to say that we are now operating at up to 98% paperless.

Team Eskimo, has also looked at personal usage and all have taken a vow to reduce single-use items, including plastic.

Delivery Logistics –  When planning all of our delivery routes, our transport team is mindful to always implement the most environmentally friendly route, in a bid to optimise efficiency and to reduce our carbon emissions and our global carbon footprint.

The BIG project! Packaging – with a Pledge to minimise plastic waste, we have been developing new eco-friendly packaging for over the past year. No mean feat, when we offer in excess of over 2000 different sized products and a bespoke service for our customers. But the new designs have been specially engineered to be super easy to recycle, once used. With only the final hurdle left in sight, we are on track to launch our new plastic-free packaging within the next three months.


Our Products- Efficiency and OUTPUT!

Now, this is where Eskimo really comes into its own! Because not only do our radiators look the part, but the passion for sheer brilliance also extends into the efficiency and output of each unit. In fact, you would be hard pushed to find another company that achieves such high BTU’s (British Thermal Units) per square inch of the unit as us. Which makes ours one of the most environmentally friendly radiators ranges on the market!

We are also super proud that by combining the design and manufacturing of the Eskimo Product range in the UK, along with our USP for supporting small local suppliers, we are drastically reducing our overall global footprint.

But we can take this further, and look at specific materials and designs;

When it comes to environmentally friendly materials, then one in our range really stands out, Bamboo. In fact, bamboo is such a wonder material in itself, that I have already written a blog on it. Plus, we are currently researching potential new products and looking at ways to reduce costs for this design.

The other major eco-friendly material that we use for the majority of our top sellers, is aluminum metal. Aluminum is amongst the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet. On a percentage basis, it is the most recycled of any industrial metal. Its strength, combined with low density, makes it an ideal material for our products.

But, if you are thinking green and thinking radiators, then you really need to be looking at our Electric range, which is fully compliant with LOT 20, the new EU legislation designed to remove inefficient technologies from our lives and reduce the energy used by products that heat our homes. All with the aim to help to achieve the UK’s overall carbon reduction targets.

The Eco-Friendly Products range for  Electric: Gordon – Flash drying towel rail and Outline Electric – Top Seller

Delta Dore When it comes to controllability, Eskimo has teamed with Delta Dore and their Tydom Delta Dore Thermostat. A company of incredible innovators. And who we have collaborated with, with regards to controlling our electric radiators.

It’s worth noting that all electric radiators must incorporate a system providing controllability. This is under the Lot 20 Ecodesign compliancy. Any electric radiators that don’t have this capability would contravene the directive.

You won’t have this problem with Eskimo Outline electric radiators. We integrate receivers that are ready to ‘pair and go’ on delivery.


……..So what is next? With an eye on the future, Eskimo is currently in development of new electric eco-friendly versions of one of our top sellers, which will also be available in stock sizes, within the year.


 ESKIMO – Love Making (Eco-Friendly) Heat

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