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Yes, that’s right, sexy towel rails. No, this isn’t the effect of isolation.
In fact, more than ever, we feel the importance of our spaces. And bathrooms can be a place of sanctuary, with a good lock in place and sound-canceling headphones to avert partners/children/dogs. Everything within our bathroom space is important for the overall sense of peace and tranquillity, and the success of that little bit of me-time includes visual feasts whilst you soak. Looking at an ugly towel rail or radiator with unruly towels is enough to make you hop out and get online! Eskimo want to compliment your stunning bathroom design with alluring, desirable, good looking pieces that boast highly functional attributes. Enter a new Epoch.

You all know about Gordon – flash drying electric towel rail. An architectural, energy-efficient paragon. Designed to fill a very large gap between the rungs of an over-saturated bathroom rail market. There’s nothing sadder than a ladder, in our opinion. It’s time to move on into a new era. Apt, with the launch of EPOCH. Who you may not know about. EPOCH is an exquisite marble porcelain radiator, with metal finish hanging rails. Designed by Eskimo, for C.P.Hart.
Whereby Gordon is all about flash drying your towels and looking all architectural and innovative in your bathroom, (or anywhere, we’re not roomist). EPOCH is all about heating your bathroom, don’t forget your heat calcs folks, as well as hanging your towels. Presenting a touch of high-end luxury – with functional towel rails that pick out the accents of your bathroom. I suppose we really ought to describe this as a ‘radiator rail’ because there is a very important difference. Most bathroom rails do not heat your space. As soon as towels are applied, this stops all hope of keeping your bathroom at the temperature requirement you’ve calculated. Fine if you’re coupling a rail with, say, u/f heating. Or even if you have a teensy loo space, you can get away with it. But if you need a product that keeps your room at the right temperature and holds on to your towels in an attractive fashion, there aren’t that many on the market strangely.

Marble, like any great finish, trends in and out of interior styling. However, the great thing about this ‘radiator rail’ is that it’s only the front fascia that faces you with exquisite marble porcelain. Thanks to innovative pressing technology, our ‘Eskimo experts’ Coverlam, have made it possible to produce impressive marble porcelain front fascia’s that cleverly represent the much heavier, much more expensive, real marble alternative – without detriment to the design aesthetic. It’s light, chemical resistant, resistant to UV rays and environmentally friendly. What we’ve done is to keep things simple and select really tasteful natural and polished options. So it’s an appropriately proportioned touch, whether you’ve gone big in marble or have no other marble in the space at all. One of our French hotel clients has cleverly matched the vast marble bathroom walls, with the veins within the marble of the front fascias of each EPOCH as you face them. Designers – genius. Whatever you do, the idea is that you enjoy a piece of functional product design that makes your heart sing.

We originally named this design DAVID. Inspired by Michelangelo’s 16th Century Renaissance sculpture. A bathroom’s masterpiece, it’s not biblical but with a powerful presence at 765 watts / 2610 Btu’s, there is at least hope in a towel rail market where heat output can leave you loosing faith. It has flexural strength and it’s impact and wear-resistant. We know you’re not likely to take a hammer to your radiator rail in a ‘deranged man hit the foot of Michelangelo’s David with a hammer’ kind of way, but it’s comforting to know that EPOCH is robust as well as beautiful.

Eskimo have selected four stunning, complimentary marble porcelain finishes; Quirinal Gris natural, Estatuario natural, Marquina polished and Coralina natural.
And six frame rail choices; Brushed, Polished, Dark Antique Bronze, Light Antique Brass, Satin Copper and Rose Gold. We’ve added a little picker on our web page for you, to visualise your desired marble and metal combinations. C.P.Hart are pretty damn smart when it comes to bathroom design, beautiful finishes and product innovation. So there’s a lot more to pour over in the Epoch range.

Low water volume and a diverter fitted as standard, means rapid warm-up and perfect for low-temperature heating systems such as heat pumps. EPOCH a water/hydronic model, offering hidden valve connections as standard. 1200mm H x 500mmW x 58mm D. By now, as we begin to veer into the technical specification side, those sexy towel rail vibes may be depleting – or not, if you’re a bit geeky like us. Either way, our point is made – Product design should ALWAYS be alluring, even radiators and towel rails.

So sit back, relax into those bath salts, and enjoy a new bathroom epoch.



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