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Eskimo and Eco Heating Options

The world seems to be finally waking up to the fact it needs to take much better care of the planet and to use its precious resources with greater respect. And whilst it is imperative to get a shift on and make the world’s big polluters act and accept corporate accountability, there are many things that we can all do now to become more environmentally conscious as individuals.

The Top 10 Green Tips:

  • Energy Conservation and Investing in Eco-Technology equals energy efficiency.
  • Insulation
  • Switch to Renewable energy
  • Eat less meat. Even if the thought of becoming a full-blown vegan is a no-go for you, cutting down the amount of meat you consume each week will still have a positive impact.
  • Recycle everything / Conscious purchasing / Fix things (New laws have just come in)
  • Avoid plastic.
  • Have smaller families / opt not to have children.
  • Travel less – use your car less often, get shopping delivered and shop local. Limit flights, it’s one of the most environmentally damaging things you can do.
  • Switch to eco-brands for clothing, beauty products, household items, and food.
  • Don’t waste food, grow your own and compost the leftovers.

That is right! Being Energy-efficient and ahead of the game on Green Tech is number one, incorporating the latest tech advances is part of ESKIMO’s ethos. ESKIMO is top of the market in terms of performance and efficiency, so it is certainly not a case of style over substance.

Firstly, we do not waste energy. What goes in, is what comes out. Whether you are considering either Eskimo’s water or, electric product ranges you can reassure your eco-consciousness that you are doing everything you can to tick that ‘GREEN’ box your eco heating.

Secondly, controllability is key. By easily being able to control the temperature of your home it means that you are not tempted to waste energy, because of having to leave products on all the time. Or opening windows when the temperature eventually reaches what you need but by that time you need the product to stop.

One of the greatest myths about underfloor heating is that is super green. WRONG! Underfloor heating takes so long to heat up and cool down that wastes a lot of energy by just leaving it on because you can’t get that quick boost when you need it. Or, opening windows when it gets too much and it’s taking a long time to cool down. However, under-floor heating is great in conjunction with radiators, on large open interiors. Large spaces, with good insulation, benefit from lower-level heating and radiators to boost zones and provide instant controllability.

Now shifting focus to ESKIMO’s Electric offering, once again we really hit the eco spot on for efficiency. We teamed up with the lovely folks at Delta Dore – the smart home tech visionaries – and as such all our OUTLINE Electrics comes with an integrated TYDOM control receiver, ready to pair & go whichever type of controls that suits your needs ie, keep it simple/keep it classy. Or harness your inner Jetson, download an app and control your home via your phone/tablet. Either way, you will be in full compliance with the LOT 20 Eco Design compliancy. Phew!

Home energy efficiency is intrinsically linked to insulation and there are lots of easy options out there to improve your heat loss via the main infrastructure of your home and its windows & doors. In fact, there is even additional government support to make these important home improvements – please follow the link;

Home Improvements – get a grant https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-the-green-homes-grant-scheme

Primary measures covered by this grant include Insulation and also Low Carbon Heat sources:

The following low carbon heating measures are covered by the voucher:

  • air source heat pump
  • ground source heat pump
  • solar thermal (liquid-filled flat plate or evacuated tube collector)
  • biomass boiler
  • hybrid heat pump

Now are Eskimo Products compatible with Low Carbon Heat sources, I hear you ask? The answer is of course a resounding YES. So, you can relax in the knowledge that ESKIMO can be a super effective tool in your fight to be super green!

ESKIMO – love making green heat

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