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Courier favour

Time, integrity, trust and reliability. A courier service can be like waiting for a flaky friend to maybe, just maybe, turn up on time and remember to bring the tickets for a final performance that won’t be around again for another 6 months. Anxiety, frustration and disappointment ensue and these emotions are sadly almost always expected from a delivery. Along with additional time delays such as potential damage, if they even turn up at all when you’ve waited in all day. Often coupled with an unwelcoming human exchange at your door. We’ve all experienced it and we all adore the great services that are few and far between.

A successful business cares about the journey of their customers’ experience. So, to us at Eskimo, we feel that our customers deserve to be met with a courteous and professional driver. Delivery drivers, as one of the first faces of a business, go a long way towards a customer’s brand trust and promoting a great customer service. That’s why, along with designing and manufacturing with integrity, Eskimo always ensure that their extended professional family adopt the same key principles in everything that they do. As a result, Eskimo are lucky enough to be able to celebrate their outstanding transport company, part of their ‘teams of experts’.

Drive2Arrive, are a Birmingham based company that have been part of our professional family for years. Sure, the expected ‘given’ set of requirements from any delivery service are most definitely headliners; professionalism with a friendly approach, prompt delivery is of course a priority, but sometimes traffic or weather can scupper even the best laid plans. That’s where the good communication comes in. Contacting customers to notify them of any significant delays you may run in to en route to their address.

Eskimo don’t settle for the standard service though, we prefer aiming for extraordinary. When a customer receives their beautiful Eskimo radiator or towel warmer, they should be further filled with joy at the latter end of their customer journey. So even before opening it up, their nominated delivery chap will have ensured that it has travelled safely, no damage has occurred, and the customer receives a little help their end. Because of course, these are not small packages.

This is where Derek comes in. Derek Morris has been delivering Eskimo products since 2003. His meticulous attention to detail and natural customer facing abilities allow the rest of us at Eskimo to confidently assure our customers that their stunning radiator will be delivered without damage. And it will be delivered exactly when we say it will be delivered. Not only that, but we know that Derek will always go above and beyond customer expectation. He has an excellent understanding of the products so the lines of communication are more than clear. And Derek isn’t so regimented as to adhere to our Company Ts & Cs. If a customer needs a little help, he’ll not just ‘drop and go’ he’ll make time to assist where he possibly can. Couple that with a respectful and affable personality and we can confidently say that we’ve got it right.

A predictable courier service will not do. We make the World’s best radiators & towel warmers, and they are delivered by the World’s best delivery service.



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