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Column, sounds like Gollum – What’s different about eskimo’s COLUMN radiator?

Radiators. When you first think of them you probably visualise large, heavy ornate, traditional columns on sturdy feet. Then you start picturing those unsightly 80s versions but let’s not go there. The Victorians, and later, the Edwardians, had a preference for decorative elegance with intricate scrolled details adorning heavy iron cast column radiators. They were quite something. Sadly, not so long ago, they were often discarded with distain and relegated to the skips and scrap yards, considered archaic in style. However, column radiators have had a bit of a revival of late. As a result you’ll notice a variety of column radiator designs out there to choose from. Inspiration spanning from the embellished Victorian, to the 1950s “paint it and disguise it” utilitarian forms. Our RON radiator is an example of such inspiration. We designed RON back in 2002 and it’s still incredibly popular today, presenting styling cues that include 1950s aircraft technology and old ‘schoolhouse’ radiators.
What’s wonderful is that, as time progresses, we are lucky enough to be left with a spectrum of architectural and interior design forms and finishes from the exploration and invention of creative genius before us. Period to modernist to brutalist and beyond. Design is the result of brave ideas and creativity fuelled by innovation. So whilst we are always inspired by what came before, technological innovation and aspiring to lead with new ideas is at the heart of what eskimo do. Dissolving unnecessarily bad details with paying plenty of attention to detail. Whether you wish to make radiators a feature or whether you need them to blend, you deserve to have a perfect selection of finishes and robust options from a functional product with a job to do. Radiators should work incredibly well these days.
Column radiators, crossing the boundary between contemporary and classic, still need to look like columns though, in our opinion. Clue’s in the name after all. Our desire for the column form is nothing new. We all know how the Egyptians used to line rows and rows of enormous columns together, rather than just one or two within a structure. That’s what most of us want when searching for the column look. Perfectly repetitive individual columns, lining up to create one grand and impactful structure. When we set about designing a new column radiator for you, ingeniously named COLUMN, we felt that it was important to keep this in mind and enhance this concept with modern clean lines. That way, whether within an ornate or minimalist setting, this radiator is perfectly suited.

So what’s different about Eskimo’s COLUMN radiator? A long and lean ‘pipe’ design for a utilitarian column feel from the front. Yet without unpleasant exposed screws, brackets or bolts. A unique depth design which has been well thought out so that it is just as beautiful from the side as it is from the front. Yet it’s not a pilastered addition, seemingly supporting the row of fourteen columns. It’s actually part of one, complete, solid form. Architecturally considered top caps that crown the powerful elliptical chimneys with precision. Column is solid but lightweight. Curved, yet fluid. One simple, beautifully formed extrusion which means that we can offer you a low cost designer radiator, but one that pumps out a great heat. A monolithic column form that is lightweight and space saving. In other words it’s good looking AND it works! Oh and it’s so so very cheap without being cheap. From just £249 in white to £450 in any colour or colour match you desire and if you know eskimo, you will also know that we specialise in stunning finishes and colour is very much part of that. So we carefully selected a gunmetal/bronze colour finish which we’ve named The Fronze. An 1800mm H x 233mm W x 95mm D Column in The Fronze is only £367 + VAT RRP.*  Not only that, if you’re in a hurry, you will soon be able to have one in 2-3 days.

You see Column does phonetically sound like Gollum but, unlike Tolkien’s fictional character hailing from Middle Earth, Column is a beautiful radiator from eskimo, manufactured in the Midlands.

*Prices in accordance with 2018 price lists.

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