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Eskimo Design / Colour Trends

Be BOLD and fall in love with neon radiators

With the continuing rise of the bright Colour trend, you can now explore the style with neon radiators for your home. The aesthetic is a direct result of humanity’s consumption of our modern augmented reality and the juxtaposition of nature and this new and electrifying technological future. A Key Colour emerging from the depths for the organic versus digital, is Living Coral, a colour that so serenely surpasses the conflicting sides that Apple has already launched a new range in this...

Colour contrast in trend to be hot for 2019

If you glance at the visuals and various articles on the hottest colour trends for 2019, the overriding theme to jump out and splash you, is colour contrast. The predicted primary colour styling cues this year will be; tempting ‘Cravings’ and chic ‘Classico’. Opposite sides of the colour spectrum, yet equally and deliciously alluring. It seems that we are all craving some colour. ‘Cravings’ - tempting the eye with blush inducing pepper reds full of heat and with allusions to ‘fetish foods’, will harness the sultry pigments of...