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Buying a Radiator for the first time? Eskimo is on hand with a Beginners Guide.

With so many stylish design options available, buying a radiator for your home for the first time can seem a daunting task and, as such, Eskimo is here to soothe your brow and offer a helpful guide to the process.



Do not be tempted to rush through the process – do your research. Your home’s heating system is a complex fellow and there are technical details to consider when researching your options.



First of all, you’ll need to do a heat loss calculation for each room that you are going to put a radiator in to. We expect your installer will have a way of doing this themselves. However, if not, we have created a really quick and simple calculator that takes minutes to go through. So you could email that to them? Or even do it yourself.

The reason that you need to perform a heat loss calculation, is because it’s important to be aware of the watts or BTU (British Thermal Unit) required for the room(s). The calculation tells us what heat output each radiator needs to give, in order to meet the temperature required for the size of the space.



If you have a central heating system and require water radiators – then you’re installer can advise on whether you use existing pipes or can re-work them to suit your position preferences.

If you have to keep your current pipe positions, because of flooring for example, or budget constraints. Don’t worry because Eskimo radiators are also bespoke and you can have any size to the nearest mm when it comes to our water models. We can meet your current pipe centres. We can also help you with decision making on your valves to ensure the perfect functionality and most beautiful aesthetic.

Eskimo also offer a very clever hidden valve option – Hinge & Bracket.

Find out what kind of heating system you have to ensure that any new heating purchases are compatible with it. For example– if you were looking for a water radiator on the end of the circuit for a house with poor water pressure, it would be best to a) balance the heating system, b) opt for a radiator that has ease of flow within it or C) go electric. Your installer should be able to advise you on this. But, you are very welcome to consult Eskimo’s technical gurus too.

Sounds obvious, but also make sure that the rest of your heating system ie your boiler, is in good working order? Also, look at any walls you are considering attaching a radiator to, make sure they are suitably weight bearing. Eskimo radiators suit all installation whether solid walls or new build and we can always advise you on the weights of the radiators that you are choosing.

If you are electric only, then our electric radiators offer really nice and simple control options. According to the Lot 20 legislation, all electrical goods must now be able to be controlled. Well, no problem, we have electric radiator models that can be delivered with integrated receivers ready to ‘pair & go’ with very cost effective controls of your choice. We use the Tydom system – it’s great! You can also embrace the gadgetry and get an app on your phone that gives you total control.

And in some cases, you may require a low surface temperature model (LST). Eskimo have LST options available too. LST radiators adhere to a specific regulation, governing temperatures for public buildings and things like hospitals and care homes. In these environments, the maximum allowable surface temperature is 43ºC as a safety feature.

With regular radiators, say if they are water central heating models – the surface temp depends upon the temperature of the water within it. Therefore the surface temp of your radiator will be around 10ºC lower than the temperature of your particular hot water.

With electric radiators, the Eskimo max temp is 75ºC as standard (the ISO standard allows 95ºC but we’ve always felt this is too high).



  1. Whereabouts are you are going to position the radiator? Your heat calculation, your room aesthetic, may require more than one?
  2. For good air flow, ensuring maximum functionality of your radiators, Eskimo always advise a 100mm gap top and bottom and 50mm either side of your radiator.
  3. What orientation – you can have square shapes, vertical, horizontal.
  4. What model would you like? There are so many beautiful designs to suit your interior design. Whether you want your radiators to blend in and have a ‘quiet’ presence – perhaps selecting a colour match. Or whether you want a contrasting show stopper finish. Or a multi-purpose option such as a mirror radiator or a blackboard radiator, as examples.
  5. What finish would you like? Eskimo offer anything from colour match radiators to ‘show-stopping’ metal, stone, concrete or bamboo finishes. Mirror radiators. Blackboard radiators with magnetic oak chalk holders. Even Pop Art inspired radiators.
  6. What is your budget?
  7. When do you need radiators – there are always options of lead times – Just ask. 



Eskimo radiators are like any other radiators when it comes to installation. Very simple. Get a professional to install your new purchase and make sure that they follow the instructions and that they call the manufacturers if they have any questions. Under no circumstances allow them to alter the components of your radiator(s). This will invalidate your warranty. Good installers and there are lots of great ones out there, will always ensure that your system is bled and balanced when installing water radiators. To warn you, some installers sadly don’t balance systems, after all, it’s a bit of a ‘faff’, it takes a little time. However, if they don’t do this, you’ll experience cold spots and it won’t be your radiators, Eskimo or not, it will be that you’re system is not bled and balanced. So find yourself a trusted installer.

If you do not know a reputable installer or don’t have one personally recommended, then please do ask your retailer for local recommendations.

We’ve got a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions that may help too:



With so many incredible styles, materials and colours to choose from, you need to have a serious think about the type of radiator that would suit the space and your personal aesthetic; be it Chic/stylish/fun/industrial/sculptural

Considering the many beautiful finishes in every type of metal, wood and stone and also a colour match services available, is so much easier with Eskimo – you can design the interior of your dreams. We would recommend using Pinterest to create a mood board of the whole room so that you can filter through your top choices and your favourites will become apparent.

Once you have a clear idea of the product that you would like and your budget, then contact a professional retailer to assist you with your purchase. Obviously, we would love it if you chose an Eskimo product, so would be delighted if you contacted us directly, or go to one of our trusted retailers who will ensure you are well looked after.



Should you decide to make an Eskimo purchase then all information regarding installation will be included with your order. We can also send you your installation guidelines in advance if that helps. We also have a helpful technical support page



Follow maintenance instructions.
Diarise any yearly checks into your calendar so that you get a li’l nudge to do it. For example, checking your boiler, emptying its filter, ensuring you have an inhibitor.

After all of that, then you can sit back and relax and get your glow on.

Eskimo – we love making heat!


We’ve found you some more helpful tips

Which include:

Biggest Mistakes

  • Size of radiator
  • Orientation of radiator (vertical v horizontal)
  • Balancing
  • Pipe sizes
  • Positioning


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    Finding the right towel rail can be a daunting task and having read these tips make finding one easier.

  • Nancy

    October 29, 2019 6:13 am

    Finding the right place for your radiator allows to properly distribute the heat in your bathroom keeping it warm and cosy every time you visit.

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