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Who are eskimo products?

We are beautiful radiators and towel rails, created by a bunch of designers and engineers. Small but perfectly formed, the old saying 'quality, not quantity' is relevant with us and, because we have a very experienced team, from phone call, to website, to manufacturing and throughout the entire eskimo journey, you will receive the best. A small Company doesn't necessarily equate to small customers. Eskimo products being in the likes of the Scottish Parliament, Palace of Versailles, Barbican, Business Design...

Surface to say, Mirrl make Eskimo POP!

When you are product designers and engineers in the radiator market, one of the most difficult things to achieve is new ideas. And even when you've finally had a new idea, you want it to inspire and cause joy. Excitement if you're lucky and if you've really got it right, everybody wants one. At Eskimo we're known for our clean lines and stunning finishes. However, even with our most exciting finishes, their presence can still be quiet, blending beautifully with the...


Like most 16 year olds, Eskimo is still relatively small. But with a large network and experience behind it, young also means progressive. Strength in a small business, derives from integrity, passion and trust. We understand and respect that trust is the number one currency when it comes to winning and retaining customers. Something that we never take for granted and pride ourselves on building with our huge demographic variation. Trust isn’t easy to come by these days. In the age of...