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At Eskimo, we have a real split of opinion when it comes to ‘favorite seasons’. But one thing that we agree upon is that Autumn is when you begin to think about popping those radiators on again – at least first thing in the morning and early evening. In my opinion, Autumn is when the magic happens. It’s a time for style and comfort. Making the most of enjoying being at home.
Conkers, jumpers, the annual mission to find the perfect coat – Never works out. Crunchy leaves, spiced lattes (I’ve just had a groan from the studio for my pretentious beverage love). The smells of rain on the earth and fallen leaves. Cozying up at home after a long walk amongst stunning Autumnal landscapes that lift the spirit.
Or, as one of the Eskimo team depicts Autumn; “dreary, death, cold”. We’ll stick with the former visualisation for the purposes of this piece.

Coming home to a perfectly warm home or arriving at a pleasant temperature working space, really puts you in the right frame of mind. Really important, especially during such uncertain Covid-19 times. When you spend most of your days in one particular space – that place needs to fill you with joy. No matter its size. At Eskimo, we’re big believers in how your environment can affect your mental health and your performance. Obviously, we’re a little bit focussed on interior styling, because we design and make radiators and towel rails that are functional interior pieces. So we do tend to mainly wobble on about design. A lot. And how magnificent our products must always look. How they must fill our customers with joy – as with any beautiful and much loved interior piece.
But importantly, our designs begin focussed on ensuring that they are energy and cost-efficient. So that they will meet the heat loss, to ensure that perfect temperature.

We’re blessed to have our own factory in the UK. I say blessed but it’s not that spiritual as it’s taken 19 years of hard work. But what this means is that we are able to be in control of what we make, how we make it, and be proud of our global footprint. We only use small, trusted companies for our specialist finishes. Such as our hand patinated brass and copper finishes, our stone, concrete, and wood veneer finishes, and our sublimation print finishes. It’s worth noting that, although we are known for our high-end products – some of which are expensive – nothing wrong with that. We also have very affordable ranges too, starting at £225.
I could go on in great depth about our stunning Autumnal finishes applied to our aluminium radiators; like Rusty – patinated steel and Gong Mighty Magmas – patinated real copper. They are stunning. But I think it prudent to get to the point of why you want an Eskimo radiator right about now.

We are bespoke, so with our radiators, we can meet your current pipe centres making any size to the nearest millimetre. That means that you don’t have to move your pipes unless you want to. We also have a range that is 14 days assemble to order, so if you’re in a hurry we can help. Not only that but unlike other radiators and rails on the market, the entire journey of your product is carried out by us, so you have ongoing aftercare where you can speak to us and we’ll know the products inside out and be able to help. We have a technical line too.

A couple of tips for Autumn. Chances are you have plumbed heating if you’re in the UK. If you do, it’s worth putting your radiators on for a couple of hours when you first get them back on again. This allows the system to flow throughout the home and enable you to check that all radiators on that system are balanced and bled. If you have any cold spots, get your venting key out. And when the system is off and cold, get a cloth to catch the eventual trickle of water. Turn the key in the vent hole at the top of your radiators, to let any air out. You can get more information on this here: ‘A balanced bit of bleeding information about your cold spots’.

On installation, your plumber will have flushed the system and added an inhibitor. This is really important for any kind of radiator on a plumbed system. Because without it, you could experience corrosive factors that could damage your radiators from within – causing horrible things like leaks. It’s also a great idea to apply a magnetic filter to your boiler to rid your system of any muck. There are really good, and cost-effective ones on the market. Most of all though, you need a really reliable plumber. Once you find one, stick with him or her. They are invaluable. YouTube only gets you so far folks!

So that’s the boring bit, now you can sit back and relax with your spiced latte (haha), maybe browse for some good looking radiators. We are biased, of course, but a great place to start is with us.

So before you order that designer jumper that fills you with joy. Remember that radiators can fill you with joy too. “And if you order now “- you can lean up against them in time for Christmas. Yep, I just said Christmas.




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