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Eskimo – We are a bunch of designers and engineers that create beautiful radiators and towel rails. Stunning finishes, clean lines, meticulous attention to detail. And importantly, total practicality with robust functionality. In other words they look incredible and function perfectly, boasting the highest heat outputs on the market. So you don’t often need such a large radiator with an Eskimo, providing you with more space and more options.
Eskimo was born and bred in London, in the Spring of 2001. So we’ve been around a bit. Founded by Phil Ward, he’s still about, the Company’s ethos remains – passionately dedicated to saving the world from the ugly and impractical saboteurs of interior design. As a manufacturer, we take our responsibility to environmental issues seriously, so we are very proud to be able to design and make everything ourselves in the UK, reducing our global carbon footprint. Working with small businesses that have vast experience and craftsmanship to fill you will utter joy.

The ole saying quality, not quantity is relevant with us. We’ve a small, but very talented and experienced team. This means that from phone call, to website, to manufacturing and throughout the entire journey of your purchase and beyond, you have the best. And it’s all done in Bristol and Birmingham.

We love a good natter, so call us on +44 (0)207 117 0110. We are actual humans that really like other humans so we’ll be very happy to help you. You can also drop us a line on hello@eskimodesign.co.uk