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Like most 16 year olds, Eskimo is still relatively small. But with a large network and experience behind it, young also means progressive. Strength in a small business, derives from integrity, passion and trust. We understand and respect that trust is the number one currency when it comes to winning and retaining customers. Something that we never take for granted and pride ourselves on building with our huge demographic variation. Trust isn’t easy to come by these days. In the age of...

Concrete radiators – Such brutes

Panel radiators are everywhere aren't they? But if you look closely, there really is a difference in the finer detail and that's what great design is all about. Eskimo radiators are designed with a focus on clean lines, technical reliability and intelligence. No unnecessary frippery. 'Form over function' is nowhere to be seen and simplicity of form is a thing of beauty, not a design failure. There is nothing more pleasing than the clean lines of our original Outline radiators. A modular...

Veridical veneers

The ancient craft of veneering dates from time before the Pharaohs. It is not, as some people mistakenly imagine, a cheap way to gloss over poor workmanship or materials. Many fine examples of veneered work have endured hundreds and some even thousands of years. Who knew. Ye olde late 1600’s /early 1700’s cabinet makers employed methods of construction to ensure longevity through stable and well-balanced substrate and frame construction; and glued more valuable, more beautiful, and rarer woods on to them. Veneering...

Prepossessing patination

The art of patination is a bewitching performance that presents extraordinary skill, only years of experience and an abundance of creativity can present. The surface finishes of Eskimo's Outline GONG radiators are a result of this beautiful art and offers you four stunning, unique brass or copper patina finishes, created by one of our 'Eskimo expert' teams. In the search for the best, we found Capisco who are incredible at what they do. They specialise in the patination of copper alloys, bronze, brass and...