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Eskimo Design / electric radiators & towel rails

Holiday Rental Hosts – Take The Controls!

With online companies dominating the market, the world of Holiday Home rentals is booming, and the role of star host has become an important one. As every person who works in the luxury service industry knows, the primary aim is to make your guests happy and to exceed their expectations. However, with modern technology, the era of the instant review from customers being posted online, the demands for constant five-star service is ever present. Everything about the property and the customer service...

Eskimo are electric – why you should choose eskimo electric radiators?

Yes. Yes we are electric, but why choose our electric radiators and towel rails over other available options? We spent over 2 years in research and development of our Outline “dry electric” modular heating element. Coupling a high efficiency, natural convection aluminium heat exchanger to a powerful electric resistance heating element, the design has been honed to provide the maximum heat output within the space envelope available without resorting to noisy and impossible to clean fans or the very high...