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At Eskimo, we have a real split of opinion when it comes to 'favorite seasons'. But one thing that we agree upon is that Autumn is when you begin to think about popping those radiators on again - at least first thing in the morning and early evening. In my opinion, Autumn is when the magic happens. It's a time for style and comfort. Making the most of enjoying being at home. Conkers, jumpers, the annual mission to find the perfect...


Yes, that's right, sexy towel rails. No, this isn't the effect of isolation. In fact, more than ever, we feel the importance of our spaces. And bathrooms can be a place of sanctuary, with a good lock in place and sound-canceling headphones to avert partners/children/dogs. Everything within our bathroom space is important for the overall sense of peace and tranquillity, and the success of that little bit of me-time includes visual feasts whilst you soak. Looking at an ugly towel rail...

Classic Eskimo – Peering over the CLIFF edge

Eskimo’s stylish Outline Cliff radiators are an exquisite natural stone radiator collection, that looks as if they have been torn straight out of our dramatic British coastline. Both strong and beautiful, the natural uniqueness of the material is a styling cue that Eskimo finds inspirational and is what has earned CLIFF the status of Classic Eskimo Product. And we are certainly not alone in being lovers of rock! Rugged landscapes often evoke a powerful resonance that people feel deeply connected to. The coastline was brilliant...